4 Email Templates to Handle Sales Objections

4 Email Templates to Handle Sales Objections
Matthew Bellows
Matthew Bellows

Matthew Bellows

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You can look at sales objections in two ways: they are either a step on the way to closing a deal, or they are open pits of flaming tar blocking the way to your bonus. It depends on your state of mind. But either way, you are going to face questions from prospects. The better, faster and more effectively you handle them, the more successful you are going to be.

There are dozens of sales methodologies, and they all deal with objections in different ways. One of my favorites is Rain Group’s Rainmaking Conversations. Mike Schultz and John Doerr have written a thoughtful, engaging and very effective book on their approach to selling. They also offer a free white paper on handling objections called “Turning No Into Yes” (registration required). Based on Rain Group’s categorization, here are 4 email templates to handle sales objections:

Time of the essence? Here are 18 click-to-copy email templates to send right now.

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Lack of Need

Dear [Name],

Thanks for your note earlier today. Since our last conversation, I’ve been doing more research into your competitors, and I found this interesting link www.[competition capability]. It struck me that some of the ideas we discussed could be quickly leveraged to provide you with an even more compelling value for your customers.

The ultimate outcome of our collaboration would be much more than just this one feature, but here’s a very quick win that could benefit us both.

Can we arrange a call to discuss this further? Say next [day] at [time]?

Lack of Urgency

Hi [Name],

Since our last conversation, I’ve been building out the financial model of the impact our partnership can have on your business. I know you get these things all the time, but this time I’ve used your assumptions and results even more conservative than we’ve had with a similar implementation. The end result is that after only three months of working together, the project will be cash positive for you guys. Over [X] years, we can drop more than $[XX] million to your bottom line! Those are the kind of results that will get us both big promotions!

Let’s at least get the implementation team scheduled for a preliminary discussion. And I would be happy to review my spreadsheet with you before the meeting.

Lack of Trust

It was great to hear back from you earlier today. We’re in the middle of a big [true-life company event / offsite planning / sales training / etc.] so I was excited to be back in touch with the real world! In thinking further about our conversations so far, I thought that the most relevant experience our company has had was with [XXX].

[Two] years ago, when we were quite a bit smaller, we started working with them. They were tough on us, but we grew a ton from the experience, and the product suite we’ve since been discussing really matured. In fact, their CEO recently said [“Our partnership alone is directly attributable for 10% of our revenue growth.”]

Lack of Money

Dear [Name],

I just got your email, and before you get swamped with other things, I wanted to ask you a couple of quick questions about your pricing comments:

1. Is our total package price too high, or mainly the way I proposed the payments would be structured?

2. Are there aspects of the overall proposal that didn’t resonate as much with your team?

Sometimes I get too carried away with all we could do together. By staging a rollout, we could lower our price while still leaving the option to expand later. As to your comment about breaking down the price by billable hours, I find that’s not always the most helpful way to view our value. I’m happy to go into my thinking here when we next talk.

Are you free for a call tomorrow at [time]?

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Please note: These are my interpretation of what I would say when facing these objections, based on the response types suggested in Rain Group’s white paper. This content isn’t approved or santified by Rain Group. In fact, when I asked them what kind of email to send in the face of these objections, they both said, “Pick up the phone.”

For some prospects, email works better, so I hope these templates help. If you want a fast and effective way to organize your templates right in Gmail, please try Yesware for Gmail. It works with the Chrome browser only at the moment, but it will help you prospect, manage your pipeline and handle objections faster than you thought possible.

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