5 Tips for Mobile Salespeople

5 Tips for Mobile Salespeople

Getting out of the office is the joy and the burden of outside salespeople everywhere. And although technology has made keeping up with the day-to-day possible, it’s also raised expectations with customers and prospects. How can you keep in touch while you’re airport hopping? More than that, how can mobile technology make you more effective than ever before? Here are five quick tips:

1. A quick response is better than nothing

Inbox overload is the curse of the traveling salesperson – but it’s more important than ever to get back quickly when a prospect writes back with interest. If you can’t answer all a customers’ concerns on your mobile keyboard, email them right back with “Thanks for your note. I’m on the road right now, but I’ll get back to you tonight with answers to your questions.”

2. Get your prospects’ mobile numbers on your phone

With all the prospect data that has to be tracked, mobile numbers get overlooked, but they are crucial. Send out a quick sales text message when you are waiting for your first meeting with a “Just got to town for meetings. Are you free for a drink tonight?” The immediacy of SMS gets a response when email and voicemail can’t.

3. Yelp for mobile

Get the Yelp app and use it to find a great place to meet no matter where you are. You can find hot new spots before your prospects ever hears about them.

4. Take a picture

When I give out company gifts (like our nice new golf hats) I always take a picture of my prospect wearing the present. The photos give our developers a more human connection with our customers, and puts a friendly face on my mobile phonebook. When they call back, I instantly recognize who is calling.

Jim and Fred from InsightSquared

Jim and Fred from InsightSquared.

5. Monitor Twitter and LinkedIn on your phone

Just before you go into the meeting, check out your prospect’s latest Tweet or LinkedIn update, and see what their company is talking about too. You’ll have up-to-the-second info on what’s top of mind for the people you’re meeting with.

Got more tips for the road warrior? Please put them in the comments below!

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