6 Sales Personalities Everyone Has in Their Office Right Now

March 4, 2020 | 
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Even though we are all unique snowflakes and no two sales reps are exactly alike – there are definitely a handful of repeat sales personality types that seem to crop up across all sales orgs.

No matter where you work, if you’re on a team, you’re likely to see one or all of these characters sitting next to you. Don’t see them? Go to the bathroom and take a good hard look in the mirror.


6 Sales Personality Types

1. High Five Josh

Josh gives high fives like they’re going out of style. Whether it’s good news or bad news – here comes a high-fiver from J-Man. Don’t forget the Purell: High Five Josh will definitely be Patient 0 when Coronavirus hits your office. 

Sales Personality Type: High Five Josh


2. The Therapist/BFF

The Therapist got into sales because of her empathy – but it’s gone too far. She spends her sales calls talking about her prospect’s ex-boyfriend and overbearing mother. She might close deals, she might not – but one thing’s for sure – she just got invited to her prospect’s wedding next Fall. 

Sales Personality Type: The Therapist/BFF


3. The Walkie-Talkie

Stretching your legs is fine, but the Walkie-Talkie can’t make a 5-minute sales call without doing laps around the office. If you can’t find him, listen for the sound of a nerf ball being tossed in the air repeatedly. Pro tip: Make him wear your Fitbit when he takes calls. 

Sales Personality Type: The Walkie-Talkie


4. The Understudy

The Understudy is usually a first year sales rep who is slowly adopting the mannerisms of an older, successful AE or manager. He’s the first to laugh at his jokes and slowly but surely is taking on his sales style, catchphrases, demeanor and – omg – he just walked in wearing the same pair of All Birds.

The Understudy


5. “I Actually Know Python” Rep

We’re not sure why s/he’s a sales rep since they clearly have a deeper, more technical understanding of the product than anyone on the engineering team. Says things like, “It’s really not that hard” when talking about any bug fix. Nonetheless, we’re honored to have them with us till they’re ready to head up NASA. 

“I Actually Know Python” Rep


6. Bonus: The Kylie Jenner

The Kylie gets handed the best accounts on a silver platter. The lay-ups. The accounts that grow like a weed with zero work. Doesn’t add any value. Just collects the big fat checks. Walks around humble-bragging about the deals they’ve closed this month. Outside the department, the company acts like they walk on water. But on the sales team, everyone knows it’s just fillers.

The Kylie Jenner

Which Sales Personality Are You?

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