We’re excited to announce a two-part improvement to our Salesforce integration: Background Sync + Summary-Task Logging. These features are only available on our Enterprise Plan and can be activated via Global Policies by your Account Manager.

We hope these new features will give you a big leg up over the competition and boost your productivity in Salesforce.


Background Sync 

We’ve heard you loud and clear – sales is fast-paced, and a 24/7 job. You’re sending emails on the weekends, during your commute, and on your way to client visits. You simply don’t have the time to log those emails to Salesforce later.

Now, with background sync, you don’t have to think about setting aside time on Fridays to log your emails from the week. Just send a message (from your email address linked to Yesware) to any contact or lead in Salesforce, and we’ll make sure the message gets synced, whether you’re at home or on the go.


Summary-Task Logging 

If your team Sales Ops Team is constantly upgrading its Salesforce storage, you needed Summary-Task Logging yesterday.

This feature reduces the amount of Salesforce storage space needed to sync all of your rep activity and recipient engagement. It also gives you a more readable view of how recipients are engaging with your emails, and enables more granular reporting about what content is working well.

To leverage Summary-Task Logging, Account Managers can follow these steps outlined in our Help Center and/or reach out to their dedicated CSM for support.

As always, thanks for being a part of Yesware.