Exciting news for Gmail and O365 users: Soon you will have a brand new Campaigns dashboard in your inbox.

All About the Redesign: What’s on Deck

With this new redesign, you’ll be able to:

  • Get insights into campaign-level analytics
  • See more campaigns at once with a condensed interface
  • Easily view which campaigns and touches are in-progress
  • Know how your team is performing with team-level analytics
  • Search for campaigns

You’ll be able to see campaign-level stats with:

  • Open %
  • Click %
  • Connect %
  • In Progress/Total Recipients

In our new Condensed View, you’ll see more Campaigns at once. When you hover on a campaign row, you’ll see the following icons:

  1. Add Recipients
  2. Manage Recipients
  3. Edit Touches
  4. Delete

If you click directly on a campaign card, you’ll be brought to the View Touches mode.

If you have more than 20 campaigns, you’ll see pagination for improved performance:

Stay Tuned

Our new Campaigns dashboard will be rolled out in the next month, with some features rolling out before others. Enjoy your actionable insights!