The Yesware Activity vs. Engagement Report visually displays how effective your team is with their outbound communication to each customer.  This report shows a plot of all customers (organized by website domains) that your team members have emailed in the past 90 days.  For each customer, you can see how much outbound activity your reps have performed (emails and calls), and how much inbound engagement that activity has generated.  Engagement is measured by the actions a customer has taken (i.e. email opens, clicks, replies) and is based on the data Yesware automatically collects.  The chart is useful for Team Leaders to ensure no customers fall through the cracks, and for determining the relative engagement of any given customer, or the relative efficiency of any given rep. The Activity vs. Engagement report is a feature for customers on the Enterprise plan.



To use the chart, adjust the Activity slider and the Sales Rep selector to filter customers.

The Activity slider lets you filter down to just companies that have had any activity (outreach) in the past 7-90 days.  This is helpful for viewing a smaller number of customers and focusing attention on just the most recently contacted prospects.

The Sales Rep selector allows you to see how any individual rep’s prospects are engaging relative to the team average.  There may be opportunities to take what’s working for reps with many green prospects and share them with the rest of the team.

To read the chart, note that each dot represents a single company (domain) that your reps have emailed or called.  This may include more than one prospect (person) at the company.  A dot’s distance to the right reflects how much outbound rep activity (emails and calls) has gone toward that company.  A dot’s height reflects how engaged that company has been in return.  The grey line shows the average amount of engagement your team should expect based on a given amount of activity and is the best fit line for all the customers on the chart.

Green dots (above the line) reflect companies that are more highly engaged than the average for this team.  Managers and reps can feel confident that these companies are interested in your message.  It may be time to progress these prospects to the next stage.

Red dots (below the line) reflect companies that are less highly engaged than the average for this team.  Managers and reps should consider changing up the messaging for these prospects, or cutting them loose.

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