John Bracken is a founder and CEO of Speek, which offers a new kind of conference call

Bracken headshotThe days of using words like “hard” and “cold” when discussing sales tactics are over. You can sell your product with confidence and turn a profit while still feeling like a human. Many sales-based teams will admit that commission and quota pressures force them to sell products quickly and often carelessly.

Sales teams feel best about the products and services they stand behind. Here are some of the best ways to sell like hell, without feeling like you’re going there.

Use Your Network (When Appropriate)

Take every reasonable opportunity to expand your network. When you meet more people, you begin to understand their needs. When you better understand the needs of businesses, you fit your products inside their niches. Using your network alleviates the dreaded and largely ineffective cold-calling method, but remember to use your network only when appropriate. Overstepping your boundaries will not only diminish your sales opportunity, but can also potentially damage valuable relationships.

Never Use Fear

Fear-based selling may be effective sometimes, but it’s unethical. Jennifer Beever argues you should treat your customer like you treat your friend. You wouldn’t take advantage of your friend’s anxieties to push him or her towards a decision. Besides, using this as a sales tactics shows desperation and ignorance.

Instead of tapping into their deep-seated fears, learn more about what makes your customer’s business productive and angle your approach in a way that makes your customer feel positive and empowered.

Leverage Your Emotions

Good sales professionals understand the importance of tapping into the emotions of their customers, but every amazing sales professional understands how to tap into their own emotions. The trick is to find a balance between showcasing your passion and belief in your product while remaining professional and in control. If you truly believe in what you are selling, your excitement will shine through and substantiate your sales approach.

Today’s technology and the sales shift towards honest, innovative products makes selling enjoyable and successful. By knowing your products and services, believing in them and using your emotions to leverage them, your sales will triumph — as will your reputation as a professional.

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