This month, we built out a time zone picker for Gmail Find a Time, the ability to upload CSVs to Touchpoints, and a new Users and Teams interface for our app site to make administrators’ lives a hell of a lot easier.

Gmail Find a Time: How to Quickly Schedule in Different Time Zones 

This update is for Gmail Pro, Team, and Enterprise users. You gave your feedback and we heard you loud and clear.

Gmail Find a Time now supports a Time Zone Picker.

What it means for you: You don’t have to worry about time differences when scheduling meetings.

Say, you’re in New York looking to book time with someone in California.

You can search or use the dropdown functionality to quickly access your recipient’s time zone.


Quick tip: The four major US time zones will be under New York (Eastern), Chicago (Central), Denver (Mountain), and Los Angeles (Pacific).

From here you can select availability on your own calendar, then click insert to enter the times into your email:


And just like that, the times are entered. To keep it concise, we included the current abbreviation for that time zone:


The picker remembers your last selected time zone to help you schedule multiple meetings faster.

highfiveStay tuned for more updates on Find a Time.

CSV Uploads Are Now Supported By Touchpoints Campaigns 

Salesforce is no longer your only option for uploading contacts to Touchpoints campaigns.

This new CSV file uploader lets you pull up to 1,000 contacts from any source into a campaign — as long as your list includes email addresses and columns that map to text fields in the body of your email.

Here’s how it works: In your campaign, click the button that says Upload Recipient List (CSV):


From there, you’ll be able to select the list you want and insert it.

New Account Management Interface: “Users and Teams”

Account Managers, we have a brand new interface called Users and Teams which will make keeping tabs on your team (and adding new members) much easier.

(Try out the new experience on our app site.)

Here’s what the interface looks like:


Now onto two great features supported by Users and Teams.

1. Find Users in Seconds With Our New Search Bar

If you’re managing a large account and need quick access to one user, simply type their name or email address into our new search bar:


The search bar eliminates wasted time spent scrolling so you can immediately access your users’ account.

2. Add Users to Multiple Teams Without Invitation

When adding new users to your team, you now have the option whether or not to notify them via email.

This is an improvement to our old functionality where users would need to accept an invitation to join a team.

Note: If you’d like to add someone to your account without sending them a notification, they must be on a verified domain.

Let’s walk through the process of adding users to a team.

First, click Add Users:


Then, three things:

  1. Enter the email address(es) of your new team member(s)
  2. Choose whether or not to send a notification email
  3. Then press Save Emails


Next, choose what team(s) you want to add the user(s) to:


Adding users to multiple teams at once saves you from spending your time going in and out of the same windows.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates next month.