Enterprise Gmail Touchpoints users, you’re in for some big news: We now support out-of-office detection and nurture campaigns for teams that want to keep recipients in a campaign regardless of engagement.

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Two Touchpoints Updates for Enterprise Gmail Users

1. Out of Office Detection

You’ve had it happen: A reply comes in from a recipient, but it isn’t really them. It’s an OOO responder.

Until now, Touchpoints would count this as a response and remove your prospect from the campaign.

Not anymore: Touchpoints now automatically detects out of office replies, keeps the prospect on the campaign, alerts you in the To Do list, and allows you to reschedule the next step for when your prospect is back in the office.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll receive this alert in the Touchpoints sidebar:


Each OOO reply generates a To Do card for that person as shown below. Select “Reschedule” at the bottom of the To Do card for that recipient:


2. Introducing: Nurture Campaigns

Sometimes, you don’t want a reply or a connect to remove a prospect from a Touchpoints campaign. This is usually the case for onboarding, training, and renewal email campaigns.

As of this month, we have a solution. Enter, Nurture Campaigns.

Unlike Connect Campaigns, Nurture Campaigns keep recipients on the campaign even if there’s a response or a connect through a channel outside of email.

Note: By default, all new campaigns are set as Connect Campaigns. To change the setting or to set up a new Nurture Campaign simply click “Nurture Campaign” here:


What Comes Next

Stay tuned for more updates next month.