This month, we have three exciting new updates for O365 users.

The goal? To simplify your inbox experience and remove the barriers keeping you from productivity.

Let’s dive right in.

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Three New Updates In Yesware for O365

1. Improved tracking feed shows more tracking events 

Email Tracking is Yesware’s cornerstone feature.

Which is why we wanted to step up our game. How? By showing all tracking activity right within your inbox.

Before, you were only able to see tracking activities from the past 7 days. To see tracking events from the past 30 days, you had to go to the Personal Tracking Report on the app page.

Now, your complete history is available with a continuous scroll.

Under the Tracking tab, go to “All Events” to see all tracking events:

Tracking events show in reverse chronological order, with the most recent tracking events showing at the top. Each event indicates the time and date that it occurred. You can see 1. Who engaged with your email and 2. The location.

2. See detailed per-message activity within the Activity Feed

On a similar note, you can now see more detailed views of specific messages.

By going to the Message view on the sidebar, you’ll see all tracking activity for a thread (based on the email that’s already selected):

3. Campaigns now support out of office detection

When you send a Campaign and receive an out of office reply from a recipient, we will automatically pause the recipient so that they don’t receive the next touch of your Campaign.

To see which recipients are paused, you can visit the Manage Recipients view in Campaigns.

Under Status you’ll see Paused: Out Of Office. In order to schedule the next touch, click the checkbox for the prospect and then click Reschedule Next Touch:

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading this month’s product update! We’re constantly working to improve our O365 experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!