This November, we’re feeling extra thankful. 

First, we launched a brand new feature and pricing page.

We also just released a new-and-improved Calendar Sync. 

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Yesware Syncs With Customers’ Phone Systems As Part Of “Enterprise + Phone” Plan

On Wednesday, November 1, we announced an exciting product update: We now integrate with 40+ phone systems.

It’s called Yesware Phone Dialer.

Here are a few of the phone systems that we can hook your inbox to:

Have 10 or more seats in your account? See if we sync with your phone system. 

What it means for customers: You keep using the phone system your company’s already paying for, without the calling fees. Plus, you can dial calls from your inbox and sync to CRM automatically. These capabilities are part of our new plan called Enterprise + Phone.

So, when you see an email come in from a prospect you can dial with just one click.

Or when you see a Touchpoints task to call a prospect pop up in your inbox, just click. We dial your prospect for you, from your desk phone.

We launched Phone Dialer to early access customers in October, and here’s what they’ve seen:

  • 35% increase in call volume

Take it from Litmus‘s Director of Sales Operations —

“Yesware’s Phone Dialer has changed the game for our sales team’s workflow. In the first 45 days, we saw a 35% increase in call volume. Litmus reps love it because it gives them the ability to create call queues within Gmail and optimizes our Salesforce Contact list for account-based calling.” ~ Kyle Natichioni, Dir. Sales Operations at Litmus

  • 30 seconds saved per call

Here’s feedback from an Account Executive using Phone Dialer every day this past month:

Want to see what else it does? Learn more about Phone Dialer.

Ready to talk to our team to ask about how Phone Dialer can work with yours? Contact us.

Introducing: Our New-And-Improved Calendar Sync For Gmail

Gone are the days of toggling between your Google Calendar and Salesforce.

As of today, Gmail users on our Enterprise plan should see an updated Calendar Sync. This new version lets you create/edit messages in Google Calendar and automatically syncs those changes to Salesforce.

Note: Your Salesforce instance must be synced to your Yesware account to see this feature. (Not set up yet? Turn that on here.)

Let’s walk through how simple it is to sync to an event to Salesforce.

Go to Google Calendar and create an event. In the window, click the toggle from “off” to “on”:

Fill in the event with the relevant Contact/Lead information. You can add guests using the Salesforce search bar or the Google Contacts search bar:

The Contact/Lead and Account/Opportunity function similarly to the same controls in our old feature. (For more information on Calendar Sync, visit our Help Center.)

Click “Save.” You’ll get the option to “Send invites to guests,” you can either select “Send” or “Don’t Send.” (Rest assured, the event with sync regardless.)

Go back to Salesforce, refresh the calendar window, and in less than 60 seconds you’ll see the new event.

It’s that easy.

Here are a few other important how-to’s to get the most out of Calendar Sync:

  • To edit an existing Google Calendar event, access the calendar event and make any necessary edits. From there, hit the “Save” button. Anytime you’re editing an event that you’d like to sync to Salesforce, you’ll need to click “Invite,” but you don’t have to hit “Send” in order for the changes to be reflected.
  • To sync an inbound event, click on the event, make sure that Calendar Sync is checked and that it’s logging to the appropriate Contact/Lead. From there, simply hit “Save.”

What’s Next

Stay tuned for more updates next month. Until then, we’re thankful for you! Have a great rest of November.