Now bringing you full template functionality right into your Outlook inbox! You can now create, edit, and manage your templates and view personal and team categories right within Outlook — no switching back and forth between different web pages!

To access Templates in Outlook, open the compose window and click on the “Templates” icon in the upper left-hand corner of your Outlook ribbon. To access Templates right from your inbox, click on the Yesware icon in your Outlook ribbon and select the “templates” option from the drop-down.

Create New Templates

To create a new Template in Outlook:

  1. Open the Templates window, and click “New Template” on the upper right-hand side
  2. Fill out all relevant fields and add in the body of your email Content
  3. Click “Save” to add the new template into your library.


To add a custom field  into the body of your email, click “+ Text Field,” add in the field name, and press OK to insert. To add a drop down menu, click the “+Dropdown” button, fill in the field and menu options, and press OK.

create text field

add dropdown

Manage Existing Templates

Locate existing templates using the search bar at the top of the screen, and click on the template you would like to send to open it.

If your template is already good to go, click on the “Insert” button to move the message into your composer, select your recipients, and fire it off, or fill in any custom fields and add drop-downs.

To modify any template to fit your current use, open the template and click “modify.” Select “edit” to change the existing template, or select “move,” to move the template into a different category.