This month, we rolled out a new “Teams” user interface to our app site, made it easier for account managers to update members’ policies, and have a few quick updates for Touchpoints users.

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Enter, “Teams” – The User Interface That Simplifies Team Management

Last month, we rolled out our brand new Account Management user interface, Users + Teams to our app site.

This month, we’re introducing Teams, for non-account managers. The interface keeps your teams (and members) organized.

(If you’re already a Yesware user, try out the new experience on our app site.)

Here’s what Teams looks like:


And here are three benefits you’ll get from teams:

1. It’s Easy to Keep Tabs on Your Teams

The interface keeps your teams and members organized so you can have everything in one place.

Here’s how you can add new teams and manage existing ones:


2. Quickly Access Team Members in the Search Bar

Need to find someone? Type their name or email address in the search bar:


3. Remove Yourself From a Team in Seconds

This one’s simple: not a part of a team anymore? Click “Remove Me From This Team.”


Users & Teams: How to Edit a User’s Policies

Starting now, account managers can edit a user’s settings.

Here’s how:

First, select a user and click “Edit” (which brings up the “Edit Users” screen). Under the Permission tab, click “Edit.”


We added two new policies you can manage: “Require Tracking” and “Require Salesforce Sync.”


After editing and saving the policies, you’ll be brought back to the Edit Users screen and alerted that the update was a success:


For Touchpoints: Two New Campaign Updates

These next updates apply to Enterprise-level Gmail users.

1. We’ve Unlocked New Campaign Editing Restrictions

Ever wish you could edit a campaign that’s already gone live?

Now you can.

As long as your campaign doesn’t have any prospects in-flight, you can now add steps, delete steps, and change step-types at your convenience.

If your campaign does have prospects in-flight, we’ll let you update the content of any step (think: email subject line and body, call description and talking points, and custom task subject & description). That said, you cannot edit the timing between steps, delete steps, or add new ones. But, we’ll show you a notification in-app to give you a heads up.


2. Next-Day Tasks Won’t Show Until 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

Touchpoints campaigns will no longer consider post-5PM Eastern as the next working day. We’ve extended this window to 10 PM ET / 7 PM PT.

What this means for you:

  1. You will no longer be assigned next-day tasks after 5 PM on weekdays.
  2. When you complete a task in your sidebar between 5 and 10 PM Eastern, this action will count as same-day.

What Comes Next

Stay tuned. We think you’ll like the updates we have on deck for the summer.