Mail Merge improvements all around! Sending bulk emails is more effective than ever.

This month, we’re rolling out upgraded bounce detection, custom fields in Mail Merge subject lines, and the ability to extensively edit active mail merges. Read on to learn more.

1. Edit Mail Merges That Are In-Flight.

Gmail users can now edit the content and conditions for scheduled stages of in-flight Mail Merges. Here’s how it works:

      1. Click on the Mail Merge button.
      2. Click on the title of the Mail Merge you want to edit.
      3. To edit conditions, click the “edit” button next to the existing conditions, and use the drop down menu to make changes.

edit condition

To edit the content of a scheduled Mail Merge stage, click the new “edit message” button next to the stage name, or check-off particular recipients and click “edit message” to customize your follow-up message for individual users.

edit content 1

2. Improved Bounce Detection

We’ve changed the way we track bounced emails.

What this means for you:

      • Your Mail Merge reporting now more accurately detects automatic bounce-backs from email servers, so you know to remove invalid email addresses.
      • When a contact responds to your mail merge on or off a message thread, we detect that reply and stop any next stage from reaching the recipient, as well as any other current mail merges in flight to that recipient.

3. Added Personalization

Outlook users can now insert custom fields into Mail Merge subject lines to get even more personal with your prospects.

Pro tip: Try inserting your prospect’s First Name or Company Name into the subject line to increase the chances that your email gets opened.

Other Updates

Our Product Team is constantly working to improve your experience as a Yesware user, which spans from fixing minor bugs to building new features. Take a look at all the little things we’ve shipped this month to keep you selling smarter and faster.


January 2016 Release Notes — Gmail:

      • We’ve streamlined the authorization experience for new users by removing unnecessary Google permissions.
      • We’ve fixed an issue where the Yesware sidebar overlaps Google chat and the email composer windows.

January 2016 Release Notes — Outlook:

      • Fixed formatting bug in Templates for Outlook. Now, when you insert a custom field, the line spacing and font automatically change to match your existing email.