This month, we’re rolling out a hefty list of product updates guaranteed to improve your user experience and help you prospect more effectively. Announcing Mail Merge Team Templates, a new and improved Outlook events feed, and more.

1. New! Mail Merge Team Templates

You’ve been hearing a lot about building relationships using drip campaigns. We’re making it easier and faster to set up multi-stage drip campaigns and share with your entire sales team with new Yesware Mail Merge Templates!

Team Managers can now create multi-stage mail merge templates to share with your entire team. Create a brand new Mail Merge template from scratch, or edit a previous Mail Merge and save as a template.

Follow along below to create a new Mail Merge template and share with your team, or check out our Mail Merge guide:

Plus, add any Salesforce contact to a Mail Merge! To add any contact in Salesforce to an individual Mail Merge, simply:

  1. Select the “Add to Mail Merge Template” option at the top of the Contact or Lead page in Salesforce.

Add to MM from Salesforce_1


  1. Select the Mail Merge template you’d like to use.

Add to MM from Salesforce 2


2. New! Salesforce Sync Selector

When composing an email to a contact that has multiple records in, the new Yesware Sync Selector flags the duplicate records, and lets you select which Lead/Contact and Account/Opportunity to sync to. Once selected, Yesware will automatically remember your preference for all future events.
















3. New and Improved Outlook Events Feed

We’ve redesigned our Outlook events feed to make it easier to see and understand your Yesware tracking events at-a-glance. Colorful icons make it easier to scan your feed for email opens, links clicked, attachments downloaded, and more!

Outlook with sidebar Copy 2

4. Non-Sticky Tracking Preferences

Yesware tracking preferences are no longer “sticky.”

What this means for you: Each time you presses compose, the tracking checkbox will automatically reflect your pre-set preferences.

To adjust your preferences in Gmail:

  1. Click the “Yesware” button above the compose button
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click “Compose Options,” and turn your preferences on/off in the drop-down menu.



Other Updates

We’re constantly working to improve your experience as a Yesware user, which spans from fixing minor bugs to building new features. Take a look at all the little things we’ve shipped this month to keep you selling smarter and faster.

May 2016 Release Notes — Gmail

  • Our new Gmail Navigation is here to stay. We removed an preference allowing users to toggle the outdated Inbox dashboard.
  • We fixed a bug that caused another window overlap with the Gmail Launchpad.
  • We’ve made our Click-to-Call feature easier to spot when a user rolls over a phone number.
  • Fixed a bug allowing customers to add/remove paid seats on their accounts.

May 2016 Release Notes — Outlook

  • We made adding dynamic fields into template subject lines more reliable
  • Fixed a bug in which the sidebar was showing strange code.

That’s all for now! Until next month…