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Quiz: Which Type of Salesperson Are You?

Quiz: Which Type of Salesperson Are You?
Ginelle DeAntonis

Ginelle DeAntonis

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  1. Which Type of Salesperson Are You?

Will your job be around in the future?

According to Forrester Research, the Internet will make 1 million B2B sales jobs obsolete by 2020. The study found that by a factor of 3 to 1, B2B buyers prefer doing their own online research rather than talking to a salesperson. A majority of buyers also say buying online is more convenient than buying from a salesperson.

But not all types of B2B salespeople will be impacted equally. While Forrester says some reps are destined to go the way of the dinosaur, others should expect to be around and adding value for a long time to come.

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Which Type of Salesperson Are You?

Take the quiz below to see what the data says about your future.

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