Our product team has been hard at work on some exciting enhancements to Yesware for Gmail and Outlook. This month, we’re rolling out better link tracking and two more improvements to help you sell smarter and more effectively.

1. Link Tracking in Outlook Templates

Now it is easy for Outlook users to include tracked links in email templates for even more visibility into how prospects are engaging with your messaging.

To use Tracked Links in Templates in Outlook:

  1. Click the Yesware icon in your Outlook Ribbon
  2. Select Preferences from the drop-down, and check “Track Template Links.”

Now, whenever you use a template with hyperlinks in it, those hyperlinks will be inserted as tracked links into your newly composed message.

2. Salesforce Sidebar Improvements

We have two new and exciting improvements to our Salesforce Sidebar functionality!

1. Our Salesforce Sidebar is bigger and better than ever. No more scrolling! See your Contacts and Tasks, and Opportunities in Salesforce in one glance.

salesforce sidebar

2. No more toggling back and forth between different windows for Outlook users! Our Salesforce Sidebar now creates a new task inside the Salesforce Sidebar when you press the “Log to Salesforce”  button, rather than popping up in a new window.

3. MSI Installer for Outlook

It’s now easier than ever to get your whole team set up and selling smarter with Yesware. Customer IT teams can centrally manage department-wide installations using deployment tools such as SCCM, rather than having each user install Yesware individually.

For help using the MSI Installer for Outlook, contact us at help.yesware.com.

Individual users can always install Yesware for Outlook installer directly from www.yesware.com.