New year, new Yesware features!

This year, we are all about being more efficient, more authentic, and learning through insights and suggestions. To that end, Yesware is resolving to give you the tools to facilitate truly authentic conversations at scale.

With these brand new Yesware features at your fingertips, there’s no stopping you in 2019.

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Download Yesware Activity and Template Reporting for Greater Insights

Soup up your superpowers with downloadable Yesware reporting.

All Yesware users can now access downloadable Personal Activity and Template Reporting by going to > Report Downloads.

You’ll be able to Select Date Range, with the options ranging from the last 7 Days to the last 180 Days.

With the Email Activity report, you’ll get data on your team’s Yesware usage, overall email engagement and see how many emails have been synced to your CRM. You can use these insights to better coach your team to drive success.

The Templates Report gives you visibility to see which templates are best performing and how each team member is using templates. You can then understand how successful your Templates messaging is and iterate on your messaging to make it more authentic and impactful.

If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise Plan and you’re a Team Leader, you’ll be able to download these reports per Team.

Updated Weekly Reporting Email Gives Managers More Visibility

Are you a manager? Stay up to date on your team’s activity with Yesware’s improved weekly email report.

We’ve updated the weekly email report to coincide with the reporting downloads. As a Team Leader, you’ll have visibility to your Team’s overall activity as well as Templates activity. These insights can be used to help you better manage and coach your teams.

Add Recipients to Campaigns from Salesforce Lightning

Here’s to working lightning fast with our Salesforce Lightning integration with Campaigns.

Now, you can not only add Contacts/Leads to a Campaign from Salesforce’s Classic UI, but also from Salesforce Lightning. You just need to be on Yesware’s Enterprise Plan.

Just click Add to Campaign from a Contact/Lead record to add to a Campaign.


Track Email Performance with Personal and Team Campaign Stats

Sent a Campaign but wondering how it’s doing? Look no further!

Now you can see Campaign stats right within Campaigns. Along with Team and Personal Stats, this is the intel you need to improve your Campaign performance.


Templates Have a Sleek New Look and New Salesforce Functionality

Templates are LIT

Your favorite time-saving tool, Templates, just got even better. This is the shiny new toy you’ll never want to put down…


Plus, you can now add dynamic Salesforce fields and make personalizing no sweat. We’ve built out our Salesforce integration so you can create Templates with dynamic fields that automatically populate using the recipient’s data from your Salesforce.

As you’re creating an email, add a recipient to the ‘To’ field before clicking on Insert Template. Click on View to modify and have Salesforce fields dynamically pull in. Then Insert and marvel at your own efficiency.

Live Tracking Notifications Empower You to Follow Up Smarter

Pop-up Tracking notifications are coming in hot… so you won’t miss a beat.

With browser pop-up notifications, you’ll be able to better see who is engaging with your emails in real-time, so you can send timely, authentic follow-up emails.


To receive pop-up notifications, you’ll need to have the All Events feed popped out into a new browser tab and click Allow when prompted.

Pop-up notifications will appear for any new Tracking events, including email opens and link clicks.

Note: If you would like to use the popped out All Events feed without triggering notifications, select Tracking Events Settings and then switch the toggle for Event Notifications to OFF.

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