Yesware, a leading inbox productivity platform offering businesses authentic email communication at scale via tracking, campaign setting, templates and CRM syncing is proud to announce its second place win for Most Business Value for Yesware for Office 365. The Yesware Email Tracking Add-in allows users to craft, send, manage and improve personalized email communication to those outside their organization. To do so, Yesware brings powerful features including email tracking, customizable email templates, CRM integration, and automated email Campaigns to users’ Outlook experience through an intuitive sidebar interface.

Yesware is committed to supporting the O365 Community, and since winning 1st Place, Best User Experience for an Office Add-In award in 2017, has doubled down on investing in the O365 product. Dramatic improvements have been made in Tracking and Templates features. New features include automated email Campaigns. Positive customer response to this approach and the innovation we continue to deliver is reflected in an over four-fold growth in users for this add-in since App Awards were announced last September.

“We are excited by the momentum and the strong partnership with Microsoft, especially since Yesware’s O365 Add-in is a new product for us,” said Inessa Lurye, VP of Product Management at Yesware. “We are committed to rapidly innovating, on this strong foundation, to build an exceptional Add-in that helps Outlook users truly enhance their communication experience.”

“The Office App Awards are our way of recognizing the apps that do a particularly great job helping customize the productivity experience for Office 365 users. This year we received thousands of nominations for the 2018 Office App Awards.” Ben Summers, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft. “Clearly, we (and our judges) remain huge fans of the great work Yesware does on our platform.”

Yesware is currently available for a free 28-day trial that you can download here.