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Build a library of prewritten messages. See useful metrics and learn which types of emails work best.

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Email templates help you send better emails, faster

Spend less time writing

Save prewritten messages as email templates to reuse when you need them.

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Personalize your emails

Use what you know about your recipients to send targeted messages.

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Know what works

Open and reply rates are tracked automatically, so you can test templates and learn which emails get the best results.

Business email templates are just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform, a powerful set of tools that live in your inbox.

Send more email with less effort

Email templates come to your rescue when you need to send similar messages over and over again. Create an email once and reuse it at the click of a button.

Business Email Templates

Get started with free business email templates

Build your own library of reply-worthy emails in Gmail or Outlook. Start by choosing one of our free email templates and make it your own.

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Free Email Templates

Personalize in seconds

Emails are most effective when they’re personalized. Use placeholders, dropdowns, and dynamic fields to quickly send the perfect message to every recipient.

Email Personalization

By tracking email performance and using templates to A/B test different types of messaging, we raised our average open rates to 68% and reply rates to 48%.

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