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Get notified when recipients read your emails, click on links, or view attachments. Every moment counts when building relationships.

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See who opens emails, clicks links or views attachments in real-time.

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Use email tracking to determine which prospects are your hottest leads.

You’ll be notified whenever prospects open and read emails or click on your links.

Follow up at the right moment for more email opens, meetings booked, and deals won.

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Eliminate the guesswork

Know which content your buyers find most interesting. Link to relevant content or add tracked attachments.

Get real-time insights from your Activity Feed.

Use these insights to craft your next outreach or make a timely call to discuss their interests.

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Get emails opened and calls answered

Personalize outreach to engage buyers with better subject lines and email content.

Time your calls when buyers are engaging with your emails and connect on their time.

You’ll spend less time chasing cold prospects and more time winning business

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See engagement history at a glance

You can see your entire engagement history with each prospect — right in your inbox.

“My Dashboard” shows weekly email performance at a glance: open rates, reply rates, engagement, and more.

See how recipients engage with your emails, week-by-week trends, and your top-performing content.

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Yesware Email Tracking Tutorials

View product tutorials on how to use Email Tracking in both Outlook and Gmail below.

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware helped lift our outreach to another level.”

Sarah F.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Brillant, huge time saver and love the insights.”

Donavan B.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

“Yesware has provided sales insight on day to day activity.”

Kyle R.
Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Yesware 5 Star Reviews

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Email Tracking for Teams

Yesware helps your team create better emails and run a repeatable sales process.


Track team activity and measure customer engagement.


Identify what’s working to produce the best outcomes and results.


Create a repeatable sales process with your best messaging.


Scale performance across your entire team and continuously iterate.

Track your emails to engage with more buyers

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Gmail Chrome Extension

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email tracking?

Email tracking is a tool that allows you to be in the know of when your emails are opened and interacted with so you can make informed decisions.

How does email tracking work?

When you send an email with Yesware, we embed an invisible pixel at the end of your outgoing message.This way, when your message is opened, the tracking pixel loads and you’ll receive a notification letting you know.

Can recipients tell when emails are tracked?

Nope! With Yesware, your recipient won’t see a thing. Unlike read receipts, our tracking pixel is completely invisible. So, you gain insights while your recipient has the same experience as usual.

How do you track emails in Gmail?

In Gmail, compose an email as usual and make sure that the “Track” checkbox is checked. Click send. When your email is opened or interacted with, you’ll receive a live notification in your Activity Feed at the top of your inbox, as well as an eye icon on the email itself. You can also enable pop-up notifications for an additional alert.

How do you track emails in Outlook?

In Outlook, compose an email as usual and make sure that your sidebar is open and “Tracked Email Opens” is toggled on. Click send. When your email is opened or interacted with, you’ll receive a live notification in the Yesware sidebar in your inbox. You can also enable pop-up notifications for an additional alert.

How long can you use Yesware email tracking for free?

Yesware’s free email tracking allows you to view tracking details for emails sent less than 24 hours ago with a limit of 40 events, for as long as you please. With our paid plans, you get unlimited tracking history and events.