Clari Integration

Combine Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations and Yesware data for complete visibility into your sales funnel.

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Get better visibility and insight into your entire pipeline

Sales reps and sales leaders currently have more data than ever available at their fingertips. But in a high-volume environment, too much data can be overwhelming.

  • Forecasting revenue is difficult - often based on subjectivity, not data.
  • Your most engaged leads and healthiest opportunities can be tough to identify.
  • Finding the items that drive revenue and making a repeatable process can be near impossible in all the noise.

Enter Yesware x Clari: Connected Revenue Operations Platform for end-to-end visibility

Clari is a revenue forecasting platform that uses AI to help go-to-market teams take control of their entire revenue operation.

Once integrated with Yesware, Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations Platform pulls data from Yesware’s Salesforce Sync to deliver powerful insights.

Cut through the noise and manage your pipeline

With Yesware and Clari integration delivering valuable data and visibility, sales reps and sales leaders can:

  • See all Yesware activity right in context–next to emails sent, attachments, calendar invites, etc–and gather lead intelligence
  • Identify engaged leads and find the best opportunities to pursue
  • Get a better understanding of how reps are adopting Yesware with Clari Team Activity
  • Identify actions that drive results and create a repeatable revenue playbook