Zoom Integration

Automatically include Zoom meeting details in your Meeting Scheduler calendar invites for easier booking.

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Save time with our Zoom Integration for your meeting invites

Zoom’s online video conferencing platform lets you hold meetings and calls wherever you are. With Zoom Integration for Yesware, you can:

  • Automatically add Zoom video conference details to every meeting you schedule
  • Add your Meeting Scheduler link + Zoom meeting details to Templates and Campaigns
  • Eliminate the need to remember to add video conference details for every invite

Easy integration for your meeting workflow

Setting up Zoom Integration into your Meeting Scheduler workflow takes just a few clicks.

  1. Navigate to ‘Meeting Scheduler Settings’ in Yesware and select ‘Edit Details’
  2. Select ‘Connect Your Zoom Account with Yesware’
  3. Sign into your Zoom Account and authenticate
  4. ‘Save Details’ and you’re set!

Zoom URLs for specific Meeting Types

Yesware Zoom Integration allows you to insert your Zoom URLs to your different Meeting Types for a highly customized experience. Add different Zoom URLs to different meeting types or simply choose the meetings you’d like to include your personal Zoom URL with.

Add Zoom URLs to Prospecting Campaigns and Templates

You can add Zoom meeting details to a Campaign or a Template and send it to a list of prospects all at once by inserting a specific Meeting Type into that template. Each prospect receives a unique Zoom URL when they book a meeting with you, ensuring a secure meeting every time.