Yesware x Docsend

Email Tracking + Content Engagement Insights = Even More Deals

Yesware x Docsend gives you complete visibility into how prospects engage with both your emails AND your sales content – from connecting to closing.

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What’s Yesware?

Yesware is an easy-to-use suite of sales tools for Gmail or Outlook that helps your team save time and drive more sales.

With tools like Email Tracking, Analytics, Templates, Yesware helps streamline your team’s sales process and get better insights into your prospects, without ever leaving your inbox…

and now it integrates with Docsend

With Yesware x Docsend, you get the kind of content engagement insights you already love about Docsend’s Link Analytics…on all your emails, too.

See Who’s Looking

Yesware’s Email Tracking shows when prospects open with your sales emails, while Docsend alerts you when they’ve engaged with the files and content you’ve sent them.

See What Interests Them

Use Yesware’s Response Insights and Analytics to see how buyers engage with your emails and improve team performance, while using Docsend’s powerful Link Analytics to gauge how they interact with your sales content.

Streamline Communication

Yesware’s email Templates and Campaigns help save time reaching out to prospects with the right message, while tools like Calendar Sync and Meeting Scheduler cut out the back-and-forth, saving you time.

How Yesware x Docsend Works

  • Install the Docsend Chrome extension, and use it to generate a Campaign Link with your prospect’s name and email.

  • Insert this link into your Yesware Campaign, and Docsend will send a custom email with a link to your content, directly to recipients.

  • Get dynamic engagement stats for each individual recipient/prospect and use it to calibrate your sales message.

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