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Elaiza Datar | Business Development Lead

Everything You Need to Prospect, Schedule Meetings and Manage Follow Up.

Feel more successful every month when you exceed your goals and outperform your peers.

Prospecting Has Never Been Easier with Automated Email Campaigns and Multi-Channel Campaigns. Right from Your Inbox. 

Create personalized campaigns that send on their own. Drop in recipients via .csv, Salesforce, or Linkedin and watch them engage. Personalize your messaging for each recipient for maximum impact. 

Bombard Your Calendar with Buyer Conversations. Help Buyers Schedule Meetings with You.

With Yesware’s Meeting Scheduler, you’ll never have to ask, “When are you free?” again. Meeting Schedule syncs with your calendar so prospects can see your availability and book meetings with you in an instant. 

Never Let an Important Follow Up Slip Through the Cracks. Feel in Control of Your Day.

Insert your best performing Template into your email and set a reminder or schedule the email to be sent later. Yesware is built so you’ll never miss a follow up opportunity again. 

Get Real-Time Visibility Into Who’s Most Interested in What You’re Offering.

Get the who-what-when for every email open, link click, and attachment view. Instant notifications put you in control – because every moment counts when building relationships.

Measure What’s Working. Repeat What’s Working Over and Over Again.

Closed deals are good for measuring success, but they don’t answer the question of how you got there – and how you’ll get there again next time. With Yesware Reporting, you get clear insights into your sales process as well as individual and team performance. 

Buying a license to Yesware is as close as you can get to buying success.


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On an annual Enterprise license, that’s a $660 investment that yields $25,000.

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