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Yesware gives you a native selling experience, with email tracking, insights and time-saving tools you can use to build better relationships and make more sales, all from your Outlook inbox.

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Track Your Emails in O365

Yesware’s add-in for Outlook lets you send tracked emails using Outlook’s native Send button. Yesware shows you who’s opening your emails and who’s replying. View stats on how you’re performing and get instant alerts the moment an email is opened or a link is clicked, so you can reach back out while the lead is still hot. All from your Outlook inbox.

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Save Time with Email Templates

With Yesware’s Templates, you can create a library of your favorite emails and reuse them for new prospects. You’ll save hours every week since you’re not writing new emails from scratch. And with open and reply rates tracked on every template, you can identify and reuse the templates that perform best.

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Create Targeted Campaigns That Send on Their Own

Yesware Campaigns help you target prospects with personalized emails and touches. Create a campaign, drop in recipients, and send. You can automate follow-up emails to go out on their own, and you’ll be notified in your inbox when it’s time to complete the next task, like making a phone call. Track the results and use the data to refine your campaigns for even better connect rates.

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Sync O365 with Salesforce

Yesware integrates with Salesforce, automatically syncing your email data with your CRM. View Salesforce contact and lead details right inside Outlook, and glean insights from contacts’ recent activity. You can even add Salesforce contacts directly to your campaigns from your Salesforce sidebar.

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Book More Meetings with Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler helps prospects find a time to meet without all the back-and-forth. Set your availability, insert your meeting link into your emails, templates, and campaigns, and watch your calendar fill up on its own.

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Add Tracked Attachments to Emails and Campaigns

Stay one step ahead of your prospects by adding tracked attachments directly into your Outlook emails and Campaigns. By using tracked attachments, you’ll be able to customize your follow-up and enter meetings armed with the knowledge of whether your recipient(s) viewed/forwarded your collateral, and how they engaged with it.

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Ultimate sales productivity for O365

Yesware takes just a minute to install for Outlook, putting everything you need to make more sales and be more productive right inside your inbox. Keep track of your messages without switching between apps.

One easy sales tool

Yesware’s all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals helps you book better meetings, track results, and drive more business – right from your inbox.


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