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Yesware is the easiest way for sales teams to track what’s working and grow revenue, faster.

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An email-integrated sales platform for more power and less hassle

Save Time

Track emails, book meetings, and log everything to Salesforce without switching between platforms and disrupting your workflow.

Track and Take Action

Real-time tracking alerts reveal which prospects are highly engaged, making it easy to prioritize outreach and quickly follow up with a relevant email or phone call.

Learn and Improve

Yesware shows which emails are performing best across the entire team, so everyone can learn what works and adopt messages proven to resonate with buyers.

To measure success and whether or not to invest, we find the best endorsement to be salesperson usage. Are people using it? How often are they using it? How many emails have they sent through it? From a lead development perspective, 100% of our reps are using Yesware.

Doug Landis, VP of Sales Productivity, Box

Over 10,000 companies rely on Yesware to drive real business results


New Business Growth



Higher Reply Rates



Hours Saved Per Month


Learn how to improve your topline with salesperson-centric software.

Finally, reliable Salesforce reporting

Yesware automatically syncs your team’s emails, attachments, or meetings to Salesforce in real-time, giving you complete and accurate data to guide your sales strategy.

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Reliable Salesforce reporting

Get actionable insights

From high-level strategic planning to rep specific reporting, Yesware provides you with the data you need to report on best practices that can be scaled across your entire team.

Robust Salesforce reporting

Salesforce Report

Create a predictable and repeatable sales process

Campaigns turns your sales playbook into a smart to-do list inside Gmail. Sales reps put cold emails and follow ups on autopilot, and real-time alerts remind them what to do next.

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Repeatable Sales Process

My team sends a high volume of outbound emails each day. The engagement insights we get from Yesware are invaluable. We’re making qualified decisions based on analytics and data, rather than hypothesis and guesswork...It’s shortened our sales cycle by at least 20%.

Nate Castro, Director of Enterprise Sales, General Assembly

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