Yesware Touchpoints

Sales prospecting. Made simple.

From cold calls to drip campaigns, Touchpoints brings your entire prospecting playbook together into one easy-to-use tool. The results? Less hassle, more focus, and a follow up strategy that just plain works.

A smarter way to book more meetings and make more money.

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What makes Touchpoints different?

Point and Click Prospecting

Touchpoints automates the tasks that waste your time and connects with the tools you already use, so staying organized is effortless. Just point and click.

In Sync With Your Sales Process

Robust integrations with Salesforce, Gmail, and Google Calendar ensure your campaigns are seamlessly connected with the mission critical systems vital to running your business.

Super Fast and Easy Setup

Touchpoints lives in Gmail and is a breeze to customize, so anyone can get started in seconds and stay focused on selling. No IT or complex configuration required.

Touchpoints is just one part of Yesware’s productivity platform.
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Connect with the right people, the right way, at the right time

Set up a simple email touch pattern, or layer in calls, automated drip campaigns, and social selling to target busy decision makers from all angles.

You decide when and how you want to reach out to prospects. Touchpoints automates the boring stuff and helps you manage your follow-ups so nobody slips through the cracks.


Personalize with speed, confidence, and ease

Quickly select contacts from Salesforce to build out your prospecting list. Drop customizable email templates or talking points for calls into each campaign step to queue up the perfect series of messages. Preview each email to double check your merge fields and make sure everything is good to go.

Personalize Prospecting Emails

Point, click and go

Touchpoints turns your campaign into a smart to-do list inside Gmail. Click on any task, and Touchpoints opens the right email template or call script and fills it in for you.

You’ll always know who to contact next, when and how to contact them, and what to say.

Sales Prospecting Tool

Works where you work

Send messages, place calls, and review all your interactions with each prospect without leaving your inbox or disrupting your workflow.

View lead or contact data from Salesforce right inside your to-do list to get valuable context on who you’re talking to and how to follow up.

Sales Dialer

Measure your success

View useful metrics on which campaigns have the highest connect rates to understand what works.

Drill down to see how many contacts are still in-flight and the status of each individual.

Sales Automation

Leave the automation to us

While you’re burning through your task list, Touchpoints continues to work in the background, delivering each automated email according to plan.

Reply tracking ensures your emails will automatically stop sending if someone replies to a previous email or after a successfully connected phone call.

Sales Prospecting Metrics

Prospecting perfectly integrated with Salesforce

Everything you do with Touchpoints is automatically synced to Salesforce, giving your sales team valuable data to help close more deals.

Email Salesforce Contacts

Make sales prospecting simple with Touchpoints

Finally — a tool that adapts to your process, won’t slow down sales and doesn’t need IT.

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