3 Sales Tips to Jumpstart Your Week: Part 15

3 Sales Tips to Jumpstart Your Week: Part 15

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and New Year. Now that everyone’s back in action, start your week with these sales tips below:

1. Ask Loyal Customers for Referrals

Ask your customers if they would recommend your product to others. If they say yes, then ask for names of others in their network that they think would enjoy your product. Reaching out to prospects through a referral is much easier than cold calling since a relationship between the referred prospect and you already exists.

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2. Bond with Prospects

A prospect is more likely to buy your product if he or she likes you. Find times within your conversation to talk about hobbies, sports, or even food. Creating these emotional bonds will give you more success in pitching your product than solely talking about your product in a sales meeting.

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3. Know Your Competitors

You should always know how you rank against your competitors’ products and prices. Having this information when you pitch to prospects gives you a competitive proposal. Leave room for negotiation, but keep in mind that if your prices aren’t competitive to start with, you won’t ever get to the negotiation.

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Have a great week!

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