Yesware’s Salesforce integration goes deeper than your emails –- we now let you sync your newly created Outlook calendar events (and event updates) directly into Salesforce within a matter of minutes!

When creating new events in your Outlook Calendar, just choose the correct contact/lead and account/opportunity to associate with the meeting, and we’ll automatically add the activity in Salesforce for you.

Note: If the user does not manually select the Contact or Lead, Yesware will sync the meeting request with the account in Salesforce associated with the first email address listed in the “To:” field of the calendar invite.

Any edits made to a synced calendar event in Outlook will be automatically reflected in Salesforce as well, saving you an additional step when updating calendar events.

Benefits of Using an Outlook and Salesforce Integration

There are many benefits of using an Outlook and Salesforce Integration, let’s look at a few:

  • Eliminates data entry
  • Saves time
  • Reduces human error
  • Boosts sales productivity
  • Eliminates switching between platforms
  • Gives reps more time to focus on sales

Syncing a Meeting to Salesforce Is Quick and Easy! How To Get Started:

1. While creating a new calendar meeting in Outlook, click the “Sync to Salesforce” icon in your Outlook ribbon.

step one outlook calendar sync

2. Select the correct contact or lead in your Salesforce environment to associate the meeting with.

step 2 outlook calendar sync copy

3. Select the correct account or opportunity in your Salesforce environment to associate the meeting with. 

step 3 outlook calendar sync

System Requirements

In order for the automatic Salesforce sync to work with Yesware, we do require that you have API integration, which is available on Group, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions of Salesforce. Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce will automatically have API integration.

For Group and Professional accounts to access API integration, you must contact Salesforce to ask for this feature. There might be an additional cost for the API integration.

We are not compatible with the non-profit version of Salesforce as this version does not utilize “Contact” and “Lead.”