Today’s going to be a good day and here’s why: You get a major inbox improvement with Campaigns.  

As a Mail Merge user, we wanted to reassure you of the benefits Campaigns has to offer and how it takes your favorite tool to the next level.

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8 Extra Benefits Sending Email Campaigns Has To Offer

1. Create, Manage, and Share Multi-Channel Campaigns

Instead of simply sending automated emails, Campaigns takes things to the next level by including four different kinds of touch types.

Here are the four different kinds of touch types:

  1. Automated email: Schedule your email to send at the time of your choosing. No action required on your end.
  2. Manual email: Send the email in real-time. Works well for touches that require personalization.
  3. Phone call: Prompts you to make a call and allows you to log the outcome and save it as a task to Salesforce.
  4. Custom task: Alerts you to carry out any task that isn’t a call or an email. For example: You could set a custom task to send a message to your recipient on social media.

Note: This also includes out-of-office detection. If you receive an out-of-office response from a recipient, you’ll want to continue your campaign at a different speed (i.e., when they are in the office). You’ll see a card in the sidebar that reminds you to follow up when the time is right.

2. Remember Manual Tasks With Your New Smart To Do List

If you choose to set a manual task (think: custom task, manual email, or phone call), you shouldn’t have to rely on yourself to remember when it’s time to do it.

That’s why we have our sidebar. On the day you need to complete your task, we’ll remind you. Like this:

3. Schedule Automated Touches For Different Times

With Mail Merge, you could only schedule a series of emails that all sent at 9 AM.

Campaigns mixes things up by letting you send at the time of your choosing. You just need to select the time of your choosing from the “Send:” dropdown in creation mode:

4. Campaigns Supports Gmail Signature

With Mail Merge, you weren’t able to automatically include your Gmail signature in your outreach. 

Now, you’ll see a toggle to “Include Gmail Signature” when you’re creating a campaign:

This is a quick and easy way to remember to include your signature.

5. Add Recipients to Existing Campaigns Instead of Starting from Scratch

You shouldn’t have to start from scratch every time you want to send a campaign. 

So, we made it super easy to add recipients to an existing campaign. 

Whenever you want to add more people to a campaign, go to “Add Recipients.” You can import a CSV or manually add recipients:

6. Send up to 1,000 Recipients At Once

This one’s awesome.

Users can now send campaigns to up to 1,000 recipients at once. What it means for you? Getting more work done at once by adding recipients in bulk numbers.

7. Filter, Sort, and Manage Campaigns and Recipients

Make your inbox work for you by filtering, sorting, and managing the content of your campaigns.

You can take additional actions (beyond removing and exporting) per recipient or in bulk including:

  • Rescheduling next touch.
  • Skipping the next touch.
  • Moving to another campaign.

8. Insert Merge Field Button With Imported Column Headers Showing in Dropdown

Personalization is key.

By using Merge Fields you can give everyone a unique message. Use this dropdown to add merge fields based off of your recipient list:

What’s Next

We’ll continue to invest in this one unified Campaign feature, which combines the best of Mail Merge and Touchpoints. Stay tuned for more updates.