Finishing the year strong.

This month, we introduced two new features to our O365 add-in for Outlook, and we’ve enhanced Click-to-Call & email scheduling for Gmail users taking advantage of Touchpoints.

Two New Features Arrive to O365

Below is the new feature that launched this past week; stay tuned for more updates to come!

Welcome to the World of Templates

You’re seconds away from reusable, customizable messaging. That’s right, email templates are now available for O365.

Why users love Yesware Templates:

  • Save a library of pre-written emails and categorize them however you want.
  • Get access to useful metrics that show you how effective your messaging is.
  • Send better, faster emails that give recipients the same personalized experience

Ready to increase your open and reply rates? Here’s how:

If you’re an Office 365 user on a free trial of Yesware or subscribed to our Pro, Team or Enterprise plans, getting started is simple (if you’re not, click here). Read on for a step-by-step guide with screenshots.

First, for Web Email users click the Yesware icon when composing a new email:


If you are an Outlook user, click the Yesware icon in the Ribbon:


In the Yesware sidebar, click Use a Template.


Here, you can build a library of reply-worthy messages. First, choose the New Template option or New Category. (If you’re creating a template that you plan to add to a completely new category, choose “New Category” first.)


Once you choose to create a New Template, add a template name, email subject, and email body with text fields or dropdowns for any information that will change.


Once you’re done, choose a category:


Next, add the template to whichever library you select by clicking Save:



To quickly insert any of your templates, simply click Use Template and you’re good to go!


Awesome, right? Bonus: You can get 18 free templates to copy/paste into your library here.

Sync your outgoing emails to Salesforce

Yesware Enterprise-level users, you can connect your Office 365 email to your CRM so you don’t have to manually log email activities.

Why should you check it out? Salesforce integration wins sales reps back at least 30 minutes every day. Using the Yesware for Office 365 all of your emails will get sync’d to salesforce.  We also automatically sync when your prospects open your emails, click on links or respond.

Here’s what one customer has to say, from a fresh G2Crowd review last week:

“Your sales team will love it. They will be so happy with the time that is saved from not having to log emails or calls […] With Yesware, our emails with customers auto sync to Salesforce. This makes it easy for management to see that accounts are moving forward. This transparency is so important.”

Okay, onto the how…start the clock, because it’s going to be quick.

In the Yesware sidebar underneath Menu, you’ll see a button that lets you connect to Salesforce. Click it.


Next, you’ll see this screen:


And you’re in!

Note: Before you send an email, make sure Salesforce Sync (and Open Tracking) is enabled in your sidebar:


Next up for our engineers: adding calendar sync and engagement data (opens, clicks, and replies) to Salesforce Sync for O365. Expect to see that in the next few weeks.

Two Enhancements to Touchpoints

1. Redesigned Click-to-Call Interface

Our engineering team is excited to release this update into the wild. What it means for you:

  • Everything you need to: 1) make a call, and 2) capture the outcome are all in one place.
  • No matter what customizations you’ve made to Salesforce, all necessary information about each call will auto-fill into the comments section and save to Salesforce.
  • You can either use our phone dialer or your own to make your calls; either way, we’ll log and sync your activity and notes for you.


2. Schedule emails up to 260 days in advance

What this means: You’re no longer limited to a 10-day window. The future is yours.


So, 2016: ✅

2017: You’ll have to wait and see what new features await.

Sincere thanks from everyone at Yesware for another great year!

Have a safe and happy new year!