New year, new updates.

We’re starting off 2018 on the right foot with three brand new updates to Touchpoints, our Enterprise-tier feature that creates live campaigns in your Gmail inbox, for you to add contacts to any time.

First up, the ability to send automated email touches at the right time (even if that means right now). Plus, touch-by-touch campaign reporting and a new search that lets you find prospects in campaigns in mere seconds.

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Three New Awesome Updates To Touchpoints

1. Send Automated Emails At The Right Time, Every Time With Send Now/At

When we first launched Touchpoints, you had to set manual emails to best control the send time of your first outgoing touch. If you scale that out to hundreds of emails, that’s just not manageable. So we made a change.

Now, you can schedule automated emails for the time and date you want.

Even if that means sending right now.

The solution: Send Now/At. This feature provides a reliable way to send automated emails at the exact time you want them delivered.

Here’s how it works:

If you’re creating a new campaign, choose the time or, to send now, click “immediately”:

Note: The default time for sending campaigns is 9:30 AM EST.

When you’re adding prospects to your campaign, choose the date you want your email to send:

Then, choose the corresponding time (or, if you want to send it right away, click “now”):

2. Campaign Insights Provides Reporting Breakdown Touch-By-Touch

Whats the best way to know what’s working for you?


It shows you how many people are engaging with the emails you send, when you send them, and where recipients are at in automated touches of your campaign.

Which is why we just launched reporting showing the status and performance of each touch.

What it means for you? You can zone in on how successful each type of communication is (think: messaging, channel, timing).

For email touches: Reply rate, Click rate, Replied to, Pending, Completed, and Skipped:

3. Searching For Prospects Within Your Campaign Is Now Quick And Simple

Until now, when you needed to locate a prospect within a campaign, it took a lot of effort.

You’d have to rely on memory or go from one campaign to the next like:

Not anymore.

Introducing: Global Search, the efficient way to locate prospects among campaigns.

Let’s say you connected with a prospect offline (think: phone call) and need to remove them from a campaign.

You’ll see a new search bar at the top of the Touchpoints interface — here, you can search for prospects by their name, email address, or the domain they belong to:

Your prospect’s name, email address, status, and campaign will appear:

To remove a prospect, click into the campaign. You’ll be brought to the “Manage Prospects” window, check their name, and pick your action:

That’s All For Now

Until next time, have a safe start to your new year. We’ll see you in February.