This month, we have an exciting new feature for all Gmail users as well as an update to Touchpoints.

Gmail “Find a Time”: How to Insert Your Available Times Without Typing

Our new time-picker means you can stop switching between email and calendar to suggest meeting times.


The feedback so far has been :

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How “Find a Time” Works

You can save time by viewing your calendar right from your email, selecting the times you want in the click of a button, and inserting them into your message in seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Find a Time” button in your email draft:


Note: In full-screen view it’ll show in the lower right corner as this:


  1. Next, select available times from your calendar (you can drag the calendar slot to expand times). Once you’ve selected all of the time blocks you want to propose, click “Insert Times” to add them to the body of your email:


And just like that, each day of week, date, and time window populates into your email:


It’s that simple.


2. Touchpoints Users Can View Campaign Without Entering Edit Mode

Touchpoints users now have the ability to preview campaigns without making any changes. This works for both personal and shared campaigns.

Simply press “View” to preview your personal campaign:


Or to view shared campaigns:


Here’s what your campaign will look like in view mode (this example just shows one email, but you can scroll in real-life to see all touches):


And you’re set.

That’s all for this month! Stay tuned for more updates to come.