This month, we have a few exciting updates.

First, we made big changes to our O365 add-in so that users can send emails with confidence.

Next, users on our Gmail Enterprise plan using Touchpoints have a new sidebar functionality that simplifies Campaign management.

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Yesware For O365 Gets A Makeover

O365 users: We’re excited to show you the awesome changes we made to improve our add-in. 

Let’s walk through the brand new UI feature-by-feature.

1. Track Emails and Links Using Send With Yesware

In our old O365 add-in, sending a tracked email required manually checking ‘track’ each time.

Which made a lot of people feel like:

So, we simplified the process and added a brand new button to send tracked emails.

Now, when you’re ready to send a tracked email, press the “Send with Yesware” button instead of “Send.”

Here’s what it looks like on Outlook desktop (PC and Mac):

And the O365 Web App:

Note: These buttons only work if you have email tracking set to ‘ON’ in your ‘Email settings.’ Both settings will be on by default when using Send With Yesware, but you can change the settings if you only want to track or sync to Salesforce.

To track links, click ‘Add Tracked Link’ in the Outlook ribbon:

Then, enter your display text, URL, and a Title:

Note: Yesware for O365 is supported on Windows and Mac desktop versions of Outlook and the Outlook Web App. The office add-in works with Outlook for the Web, and Windows and Mac versions of Outlook 2016.

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2. Create and Send Customized Email Templates

First, click ‘Add Template’ in the Outlook ribbon:

You can create new templates by clicking ‘New Template,’ or insert an already created template:

3. Sync to Salesforce in Less Than 60 Seconds

Yesware’s Enterprise editions sync directly with Salesforce, which keeps you up-to-date without manually logging information.

In the Salesforce tab of the Yesware sidebar, click ‘Connect Salesforce’:

*If you aren’t already logged into Salesforce, you’ll need to enter your information now.

Once you’re set up, you’ll see your Salesforce information in the sidebar:

Touchpoints: Two New Improvements To The Sidebar

1. Get Easier Access To Campaigns With Sidebar Tabs

It shouldn’t take any extra effort to access Campaigns in your sidebar. So we made a change.

Until now, to switch between Salesforce and Touchpoints campaigns, you had to click through a dropdown menu.

We simplified that process by changing the dropdown to tabs. What it means for you? It’s insanely easy to toggle between the two.

Here’s what the new sidebar looks like:

2. Access Salesforce Or Campaigns From The New Collapsed Sidebar

Until now, to access the sidebar you had to first expand then manually toggle. We decided to remove that unnecessary step to make accessing Salesforce or Campaigns much more simple.

Now you can access Salesforce or campaigns without even having to expand the Sidebar.

Just click the icon and you’ll be brought to the appropriate tab:

What’s Next

We’ll be back with more exciting updates in April, so stay tuned!