This month, we have plenty of exciting updates for our Gmail users!

First up, our new Activity Feed! Then, two updates to Campaigns that will make the experience even more user-friendly.

Let’s get started.

See All Recipient Engagement From Your Inbox With Our New Activity Feed

Our new Activity Feed for Gmail is now available to all users.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the power of our new Activity Feed from our Help Center (or read on more for details):

How Email Tracking Works – Yesware Help Center

What that means for you: More actionable insights to create more authentic communications with your prospects.

We’ve made email engagement more actionable. How to do that?:

  • By allowing you to quickly understand recipient engagement in a contextually relevant way
  • By better showcasing Yesware’s tracking functionality with accessible tracking data

The Activity Feed includes four sections:

  1. Recent Activity
  2. Not Opened
  3. Opened/Not Replied
  4. Scheduled

Here are the ways the new Activity Feed helps you work smarter.

1. Total Visibility Into the Past and Future

At a foundational level, the new Activity Feed helps you keep tabs on all of your inbox insights.

That includes a look into the past and future.

For past engagement, you can view all Open, Link, and Attachment/Presentation Tracking in one place.

Not only that, we created a Scheduled tab that gives a glimpse into the future (Emails you’ve scheduled to Send Later and future Reminders you’ve set for yourself):

Update: If at any time you want to Stop Tracking an email, you can do so by toggling the Tracking button to OFF:

2. The Context You Need to Follow Up Smarter

With our expanded message view, you can see the full context of an email exchange:

3. Insights Where You Work

You can use the Tracking icons that live in your inbox/send folders to see who is engaged at a high-level:

You can also click on Tracking to see all Tracking Activity on a thread:

Read more about how our new Activity Feed makes your inbox more actionable.

Two New Updates for Campaigns

1. A Dashboard Redesign For Campaigns

With our Campaigns redesign, you can:

  1. Get insights into Campaign-level analytics
  2. See more campaigns at once with a condensed interface
  3. Easily see which campaigns and which touches are in-progress

Here are the different campaign-level stats you can access:

  1. In Progress / Total Recipients: Number of in-progress and total recipients you added to a campaign
  2. Open %: Percentage of recipients you added to a campaign who opened an email
  3. Click %: Percentage of recipients you added to a campaign who clicked a tracked link or attachment
  4. Connect %: Percentage of recipients you added to a campaign who replied to an email or connected via phone

With the newly Condensed viewyou’ll be able to see more Campaigns at once. Now, when you hover on a campaign row, you’ll see the following icons:

  1. Add Recipients
  2. Manage Recipients
  3. Edit Touches
  4. Delete

When you click directly on a campaign card, you’ll be brought to the View Touches mode:

If you have more than 20 campaigns, you’ll now see pagination for improved performance, with your twenty most recently used campaigns surfacing by default on the first page:

2. Search Bar Now Supports Searching By Campaigns

Previously, when using the Campaigns search bar, you were only able to see matching Recipients. With this update, you’ll be able to search and see both matching Campaigns and Recipients.

This is helpful if you have a lot of Campaigns and you’d like to search for the right Campaign with ease. If there are no matching results, we’ll let you know.

When you search, you’ll see matching Campaigns and Recipients as separate sections, to make it easy to distinguish search results:


What’s Next

If you have any questions, please reach out to our amazing Support Team (

And stay tuned for more product updates next month!