This month, we’re excited to share two Microsoft awards and a totally new Help Center.

And, that’s not all.

We launched three updates to Touchpoints, an email campaign creator that lives in Gmail for Enterprise users.

Have A Question? Check Out Our Redesigned Help Center

Your Yesware experience matters to us. That’s why we went into “Extreme Makeover”-mode on our Help Center.

The goal: To provide you with an easy-to-use, self-service place to learn. Here, you’ll find FAQs, how-to guides, and video tutorials that will enable you to work smarter — faster.

So, without further ado, our new Yesware Help Center:

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Yesware Wins “Best Overall Office App” For Our Outlook Integration 

We did a thing….

At the end of September, we won “Best User Experience” & “Best Overall App” from Microsoft for our Outlook Integration, beating out 2,000 other apps!   

Click here to get started with our award-winning app.

Thank you to Microsoft, for the honor — and congratulations to the team!

For Touchpoints: Three Updates That Simplify Your Campaigns

1. Export Stats From Any Campaign In A Snap

Our new Export CSV option lets you export your recipients’ email, status, and custom fields from any campaign.

This is useful for manager reporting and for adapting lists for new campaigns.

2. Use Filters To Create New Campaigns Based On Status Or Interactions

Sometimes, you want to create a new campaign based off of your recipients’ engagement. Which is where this next update comes in handy.

You can filter recipients by checking off any filters by Status, Interaction(s), and/or Touch:

So if you wanted, for example, to grab a list of prospects who are exited your campaign without response, you can do that.

No more manually picking out people from old campaigns and putting together a new list on your own.

3. Out Of Office Alerts Now Factor In The Last Step Of A Campaign 

Until now, we alerted you of Out of Office replies for every Automated and Manual Email step in a campaign — except for the last touch.

Now, we’ll let you know about emails that return OOO replies for that final touch, too. So you know to try them again when they’re back in the office.

What’s Next

We have more exciting updates on the roster for this fall, so stay tuned!