Deciding what type of collateral to include in your next sales email? Great question considering executive buyers are more likely to respond to sales emails that include:

  • Customer case studies (84%)
  • Industry articles (81%)
  • White papers (78%)
  • Videos (72%)

In addition to content type, it’s no surprise that the size, accessibility and messaging of your sales content can also make or break your next deal.

With Yesware, you’ve always been able to track content engagement for 1:1 emails, but what about users seeking even deeper content insight?

Enter Yesware x DocSend.

With this integration, users of both platforms will be able to track content engagement at scale. That means that you’ll be able to pull content engagement data for every single member of your next Yesware Campaign, both at the recipient and account level. Now that’s a lot of insight.

Getting Started

For users on an Enterprise DocSend Plan, getting started is simple:

Once you’ve installed the DocSend chrome extension, simply click the extension dropdown, and enter the name of your Yesware Campaign. DocSend will then generate a Campaign Link that includes dynamic fields for the sender (you) and each recipient’s name and company. Insert the link into you Campaign and you’re good to go. Your recipients will receive your curated content in a personalized email, and DocSend will generate rich stats on the content engagement for every recipient in your Campaign.

Additionally, Campaign Links can also be inserted into Yesware Templates, allowing for the same level of engagement insight for every recipient who receives that Template.

Yesware x DocSend is the most recent in a series of exciting integrations coming down the pipeline at Yesware – so stay tuned!

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