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Melanie Fellay Talks Adapting the Right Technology for Your Sales Team

Yesware CEO, Joel Stevenson, talks all things sales with fellow entrepreneurs, CEOs, and sales experts. In this episode of The Hard Sell, Joel and guest Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit, discuss how the technological sophistication expected of reps keeps going up and how to help reps take advantage of technology versus allowing too much complexity to cause failure.

About the Guest: Melanie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit. She is a BizOps and Enablement enthusiast with expertise in driving Salesforce transformations and architecting employee-centric learning solutions. Melanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a degree in Accounting & Finance.

Meet Your Host

Joel Stevenson

Joel Stevenson is the CEO of Yesware - a leader in sales productivity software. Prior to Yesware Joel was the GM and founder of Wayfair's B2B division which he grew to several hundred million in revenue. He began his Wayfair career by leading the company's home improvement products division, followed by his role as Managing Director of Wayfair UK, where he drove growth of the company's international presence. Joel then served as Vice President of FP&A while Wayfair was making the transition to a public company.

Before joining Wayfair, Joel held a variety of sales and marketing roles at Ariba, Innovus, and Verizon and was a consultant at ZS Associates. Joel earned an M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management, a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Illinois and studied Chinese at Harvard-Beijing Academy. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four children.

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