25 Best Sales Podcasts of 2022

25 Best Sales Podcasts of 2022

Sales podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on news and trends in the sales world and learn actionable insights from experts in the field.

The popularity of podcasts is rising, and for good reason. In 2022, 62% of the population 12+ has listened to podcasts, and this number is only predicted to grow.

Looking to dive into some new podcasts? In this article, we’ll go over 25 of our favorites for both sales reps and sales managers.

We cover the best sales podcasts for:

Best Sales Podcasts for Leaders

1. Sales Games Changers

Host: Fred Diamond

Episode Length: 20 – 35 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Games Changers

Sales Game Changers is a great podcast for any B2B sales leader. The episodes are short, very manageable, and focus on actionable strategies for advancing in your sales career. Topics include succeeding in your current sales role, as well as making an impression on your leadership team that will open opportunities for yourself. Some episodes even cover how to land a promotion. 

2. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Host: Sam Jacobs

Episode Length: 30 – 50 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: The Sales Hacker Podcast

The Sales Hacker Podcast was born from the popular website and blog of the same name, and is hosted by Sam Jacobs. Much like its parent page, the podcast is geared toward sales reps of all experience levels and roles. A round table of guests discuss a wide range of topics in each episode, including tangible tips for succeeding in B2B sales. New episodes are released every Tuesday, with shorter “Friday Fundamentals” episodes released weekly, as well.

3. The Hard Sell

Host: Joel Stevenson

Episode Length: 20 – 30 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: The Hard Sell

The Hard Sell covers all things sales through conversations with experienced leaders in the field (Founders, CEOs, VPs of Sales, and Sales Managers) to help listeners achieve better results. Stevenson and his guests discuss various topics such as hiring and managing sales teams, scaling businesses, and dissecting B2B sales strategies. The podcast hosts a new guest every week and aims to cover relevant topics for the 21st-century salesperson.

4. Value Builders

Host: Dave Duke

Episode Length: 25 – 35 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Value Builders

Value Builders is geared specifically toward RevOps leaders. Each episode features a different chief revenue officer (CRO), chief operating office (COO), or chief customer officer (CCO). The big-picture theme of the podcast is building a customer-centric, value-driven business, and topics revolve around how to create a team that can manage that kind of sales environment. Duke and guests share tons of insights and tips on how to create authentic relationships in this line of work. 

Best Sales Podcasts for Sales Reps

5. The Other Side of Sales

Host: Ashleigh Early

Episode Length: 90 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Other Side of Sales

The Other Side of Sales dedicates its episodes to amplifying the voices of groups that are underrepresented in sales. The hosts use data and real-life anecdotes from sales scenarios that help minority sales groups — like people of color and women — find success and make advances in the field. The discussions are supportive, lively, and insightful, and offer a refreshing and otherwise rarely-shared perspective on how to navigate being a minority in a sales career. 

6. Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount

Episode Length: 5 – 60 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy episodes are incredibly short, making them perfectly “bite-sized” for any time you might want to squeeze one into your routine. Blount offers tangible yet motivating advice on just about everything in sales, from increasing your productivity to improving your mindset for cold calls. There’s also a lot of great tips specific to introverts in sales that will help them improve their communication skills and form better relationships (which will ultimately help close more deals). 

7. The Salesman Podcast

Host: Will Barron

Episode Length: 20 – 45 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Salesman Podcast

The Salesman Podcast has something for just about everyone. With new episodes released almost daily, this podcast features all kinds of guests — many of whom are not in sales — who offer a unique and refreshing perspective on topics like body language, the role of influence, and how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need. Past episodes have featured experts like FBI agents, tenured university professors, and startup-turned-enterprise CEOs.

8. Sales Pipeline Radio

Host: Matt Heinz

Episode Length: 10 – 30 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Pipeline Radio

Sales Pipeline Radio is all about sales growth. The podcast is for reps and teams that want to drive more volume, more velocity, and move more pipeline. It’s for teams that want more demand and more deals. This podcast offers tips that help sales and marketing align to make those big goals happen. 

9. The Sales Podcast

Host: Wes Schaeffer

Episode Length: 25 – 90 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Sales Podcast

The Sales Podcast offers a straightforward, no-nonsense take on what it means to be in sales today. Its episodes focus on topics like inbound sales and marketing, and how to keep your eye on the big-picture among all of the daily responsibilities of being a salesperson. The Sales Podcast is great for entrepreneurs and those looking to grow their sales.

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Best Sales Podcasts for Tips and Strategies

10. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Host: Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

Episode Length: 10 – 25 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: The Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast consists of over 700 episodes and has something for everyone. The self-proclaimed longest-running sales podcast also has a companion app where listeners can ask the host questions, connect with other salespeople, and access bonus content. There’s also a LinkedIn group connected to the two. The podcast covers nearly everything you could ever want to know about sales, including how to approach buyer resistance, the right way to forecast sales, and how to manage a group of sales professionals.

11. Conversations with Women in Sales

Host: Lori Richardson

Episode Length: 15 – 30 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: Conversations with Women in Sales

Conversations with Women in Sales was started by the late Barbara Giamanco in 2018 as a direct result of the significant lack of female voice representation in the sales field at the time. Giamanco and her successor Richardson use the podcast to elevate sales women’s voices and help them tackle everything from Imposter Syndrome to building a healthy sales pipeline. Episodes are short and manageable, at only 15 – 30 minutes each. 

12. Make It Happen Mondays

Host: John Barrows

Episode Length: 30 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Make It Happen Mondays

Make It Happen Mondays episodes drop once a week and are great for entry-level sales reps who want to stand out and get ahead quickly in their careers. Barrows streams live and records the episodes every Monday on Facebook, and each one includes a featured guest. Topics include cold calls, negotiation skills, and data management. Barrows shares tangible takeaways as well as anecdotes from his own career. 

13. The Modern Selling Podcast

Host: Mario Martinez, Jr. 

Length: 40 – 60 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Modern Selling Podcast

The Modern Selling Podcast covers everything you need to know about how to get your buyer to say yes. The idea behind the podcast is to teach sellers how to have authentic, human conversations that organically lead to sales. Tips from the podcast will help sellers tap into buyer emotions and use them to move deals forward. It’s great for beginners who are looking for a modern approach to sales that still leaves room for the person-to-person connection in an increasingly digital world.

14. Sales Babble

Host: Pat Helmers

Episode Length: 15 – 35 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Babble

Sales Babble is great for people new to sales, or those who work in small to medium businesses. Even the most experienced salesperson likely had some trouble picking up the lingo when they first started. Sales is full of complex technical jargon, a ridiculous number of acronyms, and uncannily-similar-but-not-interchangeable terms; Sales Babble helps salespeople translate all of that. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.

15. Sales Enablement

Host: Andy Paul

Length: 50 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Sales Enablement used to be called Accelerate!, and is one of the more well-known podcasts out there. In each episode, host Andy Paul leads discussions with different sales experts around topics like solution selling, buyer expectations, and cultural sales issues. This podcast is known for really getting into specifics around different sales strategies and tactics. New episodes are released six days a week; featured experts in the past have included Jill Konrath, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Robert Cialdini.

16. The Sales Evangelist

Host: Donald C. Kelly

Length: 10 – 35 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist is a good first stop for anyone just beginning their sales career. It’s packed with interviews with top sales experts and entrepreneurs, and is geared toward helping sales reps become top performers. Topics include selling over text, maintaining sales productivity, and how to sell during tough times. 

17. Sales Influence

Host: Victor Antonio

Episode Length: 15 – 30 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Influence

Sales Influence podcast is all about why people buy. It helps sellers develop skills to earn buyers’ trust, uncover their motivations, and reverse skepticism. It’s all about neuromarketing — the science behind why and how to market to certain people. There are nearly 500 episodes published, and each episode is manageable at a half hour or less. 

18. Sell or Die

Host: Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer

Episode Length: 5 – 60 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sell or Die

Sell or Die’s premise is that selling is both art and science. With that in mind, the podcast offers insights into both the hard skills (e.g., how to build a 90-day sales plan) and the soft skills (e.g. how fear plays into sales outcomes) that sellers need to possess in order to be successful in the field. Episode lengths vary, but most are only about 20 minutes. 

19. Selling Made Simple

Host: Will Barron

Episode Length: 10 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple is a hyper-practical look at a variety of topics related to sales, with episodes of only 10 minutes each. Guest speakers include sales and non-sales experts, who shed light on the psychological side of sales. Learn about body language, motivation, and emotion, and how they interact and manifest throughout the sales process.  

20. SaaStr

Host: Jason M. Lemkin and Harry Stebbings

Episode Length: 30 minutes

Best Sales Podcast: SaaStr

SaaStr episodes drop once a week and consist of topics that cover all things SaaS. Topics include growing revenue, scaling, hiring, investing, and how to reach the $100 million ARR mark. Although it’s marketed to SaaS companies, SaaStr has valuable insights for non-SaaS salespeople, too. 

Best Sales Podcasts for Motivation

21. The Art of Charm

Host: AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak

Episode Length: 50 – 70 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm is all about how to bring out the best in yourself. The podcasters also host a boot camp of the same name. The Art of Charm delivers actionable advice on how to be a better conversationalist to improve both personal and professional relationships. The podcast covers other soft skills, too. There’s also a lot of really useful insight on behavioral economics.

22. The Mindset Mentor

Host: Rob Dial, Jr. 

Episode Length: 20 minutes

Best Sales Podcasts: The Mindset Mentor

The Mindset Mentor helps people (including sales reps) learn how to maintain a positive mindset, approach uncertainty with confidence, and compartmentalize bad days so that there is always forward progress. Every salesperson is painfully aware of how much rejection is involved in their role. It just comes with the territory. That being said, knowing that it’s expected doesn’t always make it easier to deal with. 

23. Sales Success Stories

Host: Scott Ingram

Episode Length: 45 – 120 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Success Stories

Sales Success Stories is a sales-specific motivation podcast that gets into the specifics about the habits, routines, books, and tactics that helped top sales performers achieve huge success. Ingram interviews sellers in the top 1% of performers, who share insights from sales topics across the spectrum. There is also an accompanying community related to the podcast called the Sales Success Community. 

24. Sales Game Changers

Host: Fred Diamond

Episode Length: 20 – 30 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: Sales Game Changers

Sales Game Changers is great for sales professionals who have been in the game for a while, but are hoping for some fresh perspective. In each episode, Diamond interviews well-known B2B and B2C sales professionals for their takes on everything from social selling strategies to accountability mindset. 

25. The Failure Factor

Host: Megan Bruneau

Episode Length: 60 minutes 

Best Sales Podcasts: The Failure Factor

The Fear of Failure aims to help sellers do more than just “deal” with the failure that’s inherent to sales — it helps them capitalize on it. Similarly, it talks about how to do more than just “cope” with fear — it teaches listeners how to use it as a propeller. The podcast is all about reframing a negative mindset and using it to drive growth.

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