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Starting a new business has its challenges. One of them is finding the right tools to use across a variety of vendors and services. In the interest of short-cutting this process for others, here’s the list of services we used or are using to start Yesware:

Accounting Software

Clarity Accounting We looked at Quickbooks Online, but found it lacking several key features (like tracking a received invoice without paying it immediately?!??!) without buying the $35/month version. So far, we’re loving Clarity.


MyCorporation We used these guys for our previous startup, before they were bought by Intuit, and liked the value per dollar. Don’t pay for an EIN though! The IRS will give you one right here.

Logo and Site Design

We tried 99 Designs and our old suppliers at The Net Men before finding Adam Darowski through Sortfolio. Excellent.

Application UI

Major find – The guys at Rocket have been pros from the start. Early preview of their work coming soon.


Nearly Free Speech.Net Only pay for what you use!

Project Management

Basecamp from 37 Signals. Their two books are great inspiration too.


Our own pockets


Google Analytics no surprise


WordPress. We love it. More as we use it!

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