You asked, we listened.

You’re going to love using Template Attachments – a much-requested, highly anticipated improvement to one of our most popular features – Templates.

As a Yesware user, we hope you’ve taken advantage of our Presentation Tracking feature, which allows you to track the performance of the sales content you attach to your 1:1 emails. With our latest build, you are now able to include attachments in your Yesware Templates. Now your slide deck/proposal/eBook can reach your entire audience with the click of a button – whether in an email or your next Yesware Campaign (exclusive to Premium and Enterprise users).

Template Attachments are available for all Yesware users on either Gmail or Outlook.

Please note, to add an attachment to a Template, you must be on the Yesware App Site. After the attachment is added and saved, the Template can be inserted either from App Site or your inbox. (The ability to add template attachments directly from your inbox is coming soon!)

We hope you use Template Attachments to book more meetings and win more deals, right from your inbox.