Unique Selling Proposition Examples: 10 Companies That Nailed Their USP

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: 10 Companies That Nailed Their USP

In today’s wildly competitive landscape, your unique selling proposition (USP) is a dominant factor in whether you stand out from the crowd or blend in.

Here’s the deal, buyers are overwhelmed with options; they need to quickly understand what makes you different from your competitors, or they’ll move on.

Your USP will lead both your marketing and sales efforts — so it’s important to be confident in this statement.

But pinpointing your USP isn’t easy. It consists of lots of research, brainstorming, and creativity. If you don’t know where to start, looking at other companies’ unique selling propositions can help inspire your own and set the stage.

Let’s look at 10 unique selling proposition examples from companies that excel in differentiating themselves.

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition?

Your unique selling proposition is what makes your product or service different from the competitors in your market. 

Why should customers choose you over your competitors? What makes you different?  Unique Selling Proposition (USP)When creating your USP, remember — when you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything. 

Focus on the main thing that makes you different from the rest, then really excel by making the statement engaging, recognizable, and resonate with your customers.

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10 Attention-Grabbing Unique Selling Proposition Examples

These 10 companies nailed their unique selling propositions, take a look:

  1. Lemonade
  2. HelloFresh
  3. Robinhood
  4. Dollar Shave Club
  5. Fresh Sends
  6. Warby Parker
  7. Drizly
  8. Stripe
  9. Head & Shoulders
  10. Anchor

1. Lemonade’s unique selling proposition stops you in your tracks

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: Lemonade

There’s no question that dealing with insurance is a very tedious and frustrating task. Lemonade calls out this pain with a powerful USP: “forget everything you know about insurance.”

This is a statement that undoubtedly stops you in your tracks. Why is Lemonade not like any other insurance company?

Lemonade answers this right on their homepage: “Instant everything, great prices, big heart.” The insurance company takes a flat fee, pays claims instantly, has low prices, and donates leftover money to nonprofits.

Both their marketing and sales efforts contribute to a unique selling proposition that’s loud and clear — they’re not like the other insurance companies.

Lemonade continues to back this up throughout this site: “By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating an insurance experience that is fast, affordable, and hassle-free.”

2. HelloFresh makes a bold statement of being America’s best

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: HelloFresh

HelloFresh makes a bold statement that they’re the best of the best at what they do by having a clear unique selling proposition of “America’s Most Popular Meal Kit.”

This statement not only generates FOMO but acts as its own social proof.

And right under this statement, they back up why that’s true: “offering the most recipe variety and meals” at a low price.

If you can clearly state why your product or service is better than your competitors, you have your USP in the bag, and HelloFresh excelled at making their statement bold.

3. Robinhood did something no other financial services company was doing

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: RobinhoodRobinhood was the first mobile investing app to offer commission-free trading, which has become their leading USP throughout the years.

On their website, this slogan along with the description highlights what makes them different from their competitors. 

Robinhood is a “pioneer of commission-free investing” — they did something no other financial services company was doing in the market. They pioneered the space and keep that messaging alive in their marketing efforts.

And now that competitors have caught up, their unique selling proposition is focused on simplicity and accessibility — “investing for everyone.”

4. Dollar Shave Club made an ordinary product into an extraordinary experience

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: Dollar Shave Club

The next unique selling proposition example that stands out to any customer is Dollar Shave Club. This company entered into the age-old razor industry and did something no one else was doing.

Dollar Shave Club provides customers with a unique and personalized experience by delivering razors and other personal grooming products right to your door.

By doing so, they took an ordinary everyday product and made it into an extraordinary experience — and that right there calls for a stand-out selling proposition.

On top of the personalized experience, their razors are cheap and high-quality, which contributes to the idea of efficiency.

5. Fresh Sends calls out the cookie-cutter floral industry

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: Fresh Sends

Fresh Sends modernizes flower delivery and calls out the “cookie-cutter floral industry.”

The company ensures they’re different from other floral companies because they’re focused on freshness and seasonality. Their bouquets are handcrafted, paired with custom-designed hand-written cards, packaged to keep flowers fresh, and delivered the next day.

Fresh Sends makes their unique selling proposition prominent from the second you land on their page — they’re modern and not like the rest of the floral industry. And the rest of their website backs up why this statement is true.

This floral company certainly stands out from the crowd; it’s new, fresh, with no fluff. 

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6. Warby Parker went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: Warby Parker

There’s no question that choosing a pair of glasses online is a difficult task.

Warby Parker came up with a way to overcome the obstacle of being an online retailer. This strategy helped them stand out from the rest of the eyeglass industry. Warby Parker offers a virtual try-on that allows people to ship 5 frames to their home and try them on for free.

As an online retailer, they had to find a way to overcome this obstacle. And their try-on strategy does just that.

This also represents that Warby Parker puts their customers first and goes the extra mile to ensure they’re happy.

Their USP provides value, solves a pain point, and positions Warby Parker ahead of the game to their competitors.

7. Drizly paved the way in the delivery service industry

Unique Selling Proposition Examples: Drizly

Drizly took advantage of the ever-growing need for delivery service and gave customers the ability to order drinks right to their doorstep in under 60 minutes. That’s right, just 60 minutes.

Although other companies have jumped on this train, Drizly ensures under 1-hour delivery, which has remained their unique selling proposition.

And on top of that, Drizly partners with retail stores across hundreds of cities, making them the largest alcohol marketplace. They have a vast variety, stating on their website: “We have the biggest selection for on-demand alcohol in the history of ever.” 

Drizly makes it loud and clear why they’re better than their competitors.

8. Stripe changes the game with their unique selling proposition

Unique Selling Proposition Example: Stripe

This unique selling proposition example is slick and different — “the new standard in online payments.”

Stripe is an easy-to-implement payments platform targeted at web software developers. The company makes online payments easy by removing common financial complexity and providing industry-leading documentation.

Their messaging makes it clear why they’re the most flexible and customizable options for developers, changing the game for online payments.

Their complete toolkit makes them the “new standard” in online payments, and they back this up on their homepage by stating that they’re “the best software platform for running an internet business.” 

Because of this, they can take advantage of their leading position in the marketplace with a compelling unique selling proposition.

9. Head & Shoulders has made a name for themselves through their USP

Unique Selling Proposition Example: Head & Shoulders

Although this unique selling proposition is nothing new…they belong on every list of best USPs because they paved the way.

Head & Shoulders has one of the most famous unique selling proposition examples of all time. Clinically proven to reduce dandruff — so simple yet so powerful.

This company did so well with defining their unique selling proposition that Head & Shoulders is almost synonymous with anti-dandruff. That’s the power of your unique selling proposition.

What makes their statement so assuring is the social proof and use of statistics. Clinically proven will catch any consumer’s eye, as well as “100% dandruff protection.”

10. Anchor focuses on simplicity in a complex industry

Unique Selling Proposition Example: Anchor

Anchor focuses on ease of use in their unique selling proposition.

With the growing podcast industry, there needed to be a stand-out company that went about their service in a different and unique way. Anchor took this initiative.

Anchor provides an easy-to-use hosting and publishing platform that focuses on ease of use and giving anyone the freedom to create.

Anchor’s focus remains on removing the barriers that stand in the way of creating a podcast, and all of their marketing and sales efforts seem to be focused around this unique selling proposition — setting them apart from the market.

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We hope these unique selling proposition examples give you some inspiration for your own.

Every company is different, and every company goes about their USP differently — but the key is, if you can make it loud and clear why your product/service is better than your competitors and then word it in a catchy and engaging way, your USP will dominate.

Don’t be like everyone else, though. Change it up, be different, be unique.

That’s the fundamental element to creating a killer USP.

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