WEBINAR: Close Deals Faster by Optimizing Email Prospecting with Yesware

WEBINAR: Close Deals Faster by Optimizing Email Prospecting with Yesware
Paul Hlatky
Paul Hlatky

Paul Hlatky

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    As we’ve mentioned before we are proud members of the Cloud Alliance for Google Apps. The Cloud Alliance is a network of trusted Google apps enterprise software vendors that work with each other to deliver the best experience possible to their customers. As a customer to any Cloud Alliance service you are offered discounts to the other vendors, education on new services and peace of mind that you’re working with experts. As a part of that education component each month cloud alliance members give a webinar to explain their service and area of expertise.

    On Wednesday, October 10 from 2:00pm-3:00pm Matthew Bellows, Co-Founder and CEO will give a presentation on Yesware’s services and his experience as an expert in small business selling to enterprise. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Yesware and pick his brain on startup selling.


    Demonstrate Gmail plugin that 50,000+ sales people use to close deals faster by:
    – Explaining how Yesware email tracking works
    – Providing suggested templates that can be shared with your team
    – Show how you can reduce data entry time and forecast sales projections using Yesware CRM sync and reports

    Provide examples use cases from Yesware’s top customers on how they use it to close deals faster
    – Adroll
    – Hubspot
    – Groupon

    Collect feedback and talk about upcoming features and services
    – Yesware for Outlook- one of the first 12 developers asked by Microsoft to join their office 13 app store
    – Yesware Dossier- a new service that will give salespeople a one page overview of a prospect’s social and business information
    – Reports and Analytics that are integrated into your workflow to measure progress
    – Deeper CRM integration for Salesforce and other leading CRM’s

    Matthew will answer questions and give his expert advice on sales management and selling
    as a smaller company. See articles below featured in Inc, Harvard Business Review and Small
    Business Trends.
    13 Tactics to Land Your Start-up Customers
    Stop Guesstimating Your Sales Forecasts
    Sales: The Art of Convincing is Dead
    Prospecting Emails that Get Replies

    If you’re interested please register for this free webinar here.


    Do you have anything else you’d like Matthew to talk about? Let us know in the comments!

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