I’m very happy to announce that Rajat Bhargava is joining Cashman and me on the founding team of Yesware. Raj and I met through Alex Moore, CEO of email innovator Baydin, late last year. Alex emailed me saying “There’s this guy, he seems really smart, and he’s talking about email, sales and CRM. It’s not what we do but I thought of you guys. Want to talk with him?” I said sure. I’ll talk with anyone about email and sales. But I didn’t have particularly high expectations about the conversation.

Was I wrong. Raj had been thinking deeply about the issues that salespeople face around email, and his vision for a solution dovetailed perfectly with what we’re doing here at Yesware. After all the pitching and explaining I had been doing, talking with Raj was like meeting a kindred soul. Then I learned a bit about Raj’s background.

He co-founded NetGenesis while still at MIT, which went public a couple of years later. He co-founded Service Metrics (sold to Exodus for $280m) and Quova. He’s the CEO of StillSecure, a leader in providing company data security from the cloud. The guy knows what he’s doing around startups. When we finally had a chance to meet in person, I learned the most important stuff – Raj is smart and ambitious, but he’s also a decent, thoughtful person. He’s humble. He’s friendly. He’s genuinely fun to hang out with. We started talking about how we could work together, and as of this week, we figured it out.

Raj brings to Yesware a great track record of scaling companies from idea to big success. He’s already been super helpful with introductions, priorities and goals, and there’s more to come. Cashman and I are both very excited to welcome Raj to the founding team of Yesware.

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