Introducing Yesware Mobile for iPhone

September 25, 2014 | 
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placeitEmail doesn’t just happen at a desk. It happens on your way out the door, on the train, and during the weekends. At Yesware, our goal is to provide you with the data and the tools you need to work more efficiently and sell smarter — wherever you are.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to a brand new way to stay on top of your most important conversations anywhere, at any time: Yesware Mobile for iOS.

Stay In The Know, On-The-Go: Introducing Yesware Mobile

Yesware Mobile is a fully-functional email application that puts Yesware’s core features in the palm of your hand. An overview of how you can use Yesware Mobile on your iPhone is below — or if you just can’t wait, download it right away for free from the App Store.

phonescreens_best1. Keep Track Of All Your Important Conversations

Send a tracked email right from your iPhone, or keep tabs on all the emails you’ve sent using Yesware for Gmail. You’ll always know where, when, or on what device your email was opened.

2. Save Time With Templates

No time to explain? No worries. All your Yesware templates are there when you need them, so you can quickly send your go-to, never-fail emails on the run.

3. Your New Mobile Inbox

Connecting quickly and easily with prospects is important to you, and it’s important to us. Yesware Mobile is an all-in-one email app that supports:

  • Multiple Gmail or Google Apps accounts
  • Push notifications
  • Google contact sync
  • Multiple email folders
  • Email forwarding

4. Salesforce Sync [Paid Feature] 

You focus on selling — we’ll take care of the data. Any email you send using Yesware Mobile is automatically saved to the correct record in

5. Click-to-Call [Paid Feature]

Did you know that calling prospects immediately after they open an email has been shown to increase sales reps’ call connection rates by 34%? Now you can use Yesware Mobile to call any of your Salesforce contacts the moment they open your email.

Download The New Yesware Mobile For iPhone App

You can grab the brand new Yesware Mobile app right now in the App Store and give it a try. Happy selling!


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