Introducing Yesware Prescriptive Analytics

Introducing Yesware Prescriptive Analytics

If you’re a sales manager, you probably spend a good chunk of your day swimming in data, hopping from CRM to spreadsheets, and pouring over reports that detail sales rep activity and productivity.

Because more data is always a good thing, right? More data means more accurate reports. And more accurate reporting means you can better manage sales results.


Not all data is inherently helpful. In fact, a lot of what is measured is outside of sales management’s ability to control. A whopping 83% of what is being tracked in most CRMs won’t help you determine what your reps actually need to do to improve sales outcomes, according to recent research.

So do you just ignore data? Should you rely on sheer instinct to coach your team to success?

There’s a better way to do all this. Here’s what it looks like.

Prescriptive Analytics: Data To Help You Grow Revenue — Not Just Report It

Today we’d like to you introduce you to the next big thing we’ve been working on here at Yesware: Prescriptive Analytics. Three easy-to-use tools and interactive reports that offer practical insights sales leaders can act on — and smart advice to help sales reps prioritize their next move. 

While these features are exclusive to Yesware’s Premier plan, we’re excited to make them available to all Yesware Enterprise team leaders through February 29, 2016.  With this special trial, you’ll be be able to:

  • Know which prospects are highly engaged and likely to close
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a sales reps’ selling process
  • Discover real-time coaching opportunities and scale best practices across your entire sales team

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Let’s dive into the details.

Activity vs. Engagement Report: Focus On What Matters

It’s a whole new way to help your reps focus their time and attention on the opportunities that are most likely to close.

The Activity vs. Engagement Report reveals which prospects are most engaged with your sales team, based on how they’re interacting with email, calls, and sales collateral.


The report also offers data-driven recommendations on who to keep pursuing and who isn’t worth the effort. Yesware Team Leaders can use these insights to see where the team’s efforts are best spent, and when reps should stop wasting time on unlikely buyers.

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You can learn more about how to us the Activity vs. Engagement report in this helpful how-to article. Or, Yesware Team Leaders can go check it out for themselves right now.

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Manager 1-on-1 Report: Get More Out Of Your One-on-One Meetings

The Manager 1-on-1 report is delivered to your inbox once a week for each rep, giving you the inside scoop on outbound activities and their impact on sales opportunities. Use this email digest to immediately spot and correct ineffective behavior — long before it shows up in your end-of-the-quarter numbers.


All Enterprise team leaders of teams with more than 20 members will receive a sampling of emails for their team members. If you’d like to receive these reports for all of your teams and team members, please submit a request here.

Yesware Sales Activity Dashboards In Salesforce: Turn Individual Wins Into Unstoppable Team Strategy

We’ve rolled five interactive reports into one powerful Salesforce app, allowing you to quickly see how each rep is performing relative to the rest of the team. The great thing about this data is that once you identify what the best reps are doing differently, you can help everyone improve by replicating proven strategies.

After installing, you’ll see a Yesware Reports Tab appear in Salesforce with five interactive reports:

  • The Activity vs. Engagement report (new!)
  • Your Yesware Team Tracking and Team Templates reports, previously only available in the Yesware app
  • The Sales Rep Performance Report
  • Sales Development Manager (SDR) Report (new!)

The SDR Manager Report is another exciting newcomer to the bunch. Use it to visualize the effectiveness of a sales rep’s email strategy, outbound call activity, and revenue generated compared to the team.

SDR Manager Report

The Yesware Sales Activity Dashboard app is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange. To get it up and running in your Salesforce instance, just ask your Salesforce Admin to install the application here.

Over To You! 

Just as a reminder, these new features are available for Team Leaders on Yesware Enterprise plans through the end of February 2016. We hope they’ll help you close your year on a high note and we’re excited to hear your feedback!

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