Cold Outreach:

Event Follow-up


This template avoids mentioning your product or service and solely focuses on the recipient. The tone is personable and avoids all signs of a straight seller. Your motives for using this template are to get prospects on the phone talking about themselves. Then, if they discuss any obstacles or pain points that your product or service can help with, the deal is in your hands and you have plenty of context to back it up.


Great meeting you at {!Event}


Hi {!First name},

It was great meeting you at {!Event where you met}. I loved learning more about {!Something discussed}.

I’m really interested in hearing more about your role as {!Job title} at {!Company}, as {!Reason why you’re interested}. If you have time in the coming weeks, let’s {!Follow up action}.

I’m generally free on {!Days of the week}, does one of those work for you?

Looking forward to keeping in touch!

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