Final pitch


Prospects want you to be straight forward. Ensure them this is the last pitch and then rephrase the opportunities you could provide the team one last time to cement them in the prospect’s memory. Back this up with a case study to demonstrate success. Tell them you’ll be reconnecting in a few months so they expect another email from you in the future but don’t shy away from offering them one last trial. Remind them you’ll keep an eye out for their company because you’re not finished with them just yet – showing determination and validation that you believe this is a good fit.


My last pitch (without fluff)


Hi {!First name},

You haven’t replied to my previous message, so I’ll lay off after one last pitch that’s completely devoid of fluff.

I’ve been reaching out because I see a great opportunity to {!Outcome 1}, {!Outcome 2}, and {!Outcome 3}. For details on how we’ve helped companies like {!Your company} achieve similar results, please see the attached case study.

I’ll plan on reconnecting in a few months, unless you tell me you’re ready to evaluate sooner. If you were interested in {!offer for testing product/service or learning more about it}, I could help set that up too.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing {!Your company}‘s continued success and wish you nothing but the best!


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