Meeting Summary With Next Steps


This template helps ensure a positive experience for the prospect. First and foremost, address the prior meeting and thank them for their time. Re-emphasize the date you agreed upon and ensure you will send a calendar invite. Then, provide them a recap of your meeting. Asking them for confirmation that the discussion went well verifies that you care and want to make sure they’re pleased with how your meeting went. Rephrase their goals to show active listening and that you understand their company initiatives. Finish the email off with the next steps to ensure another positive experience.


Meeting Summary + Next Steps


Hey {!Company name} team,

Great meeting with you today — thank you for your time and for having us {!come by the office/share in a discussion}.

I’m looking forward to talking again on {!Agreed upon date}. I’ll send you a calendar invite for that shortly.

Lastly, can you confirm that I recapped our discussion accurately?

Your Current Initiatives / Priorities / Goals:

{!Priority 1}

{!Priority 2}

{!Priority 3}

Agreed Upon Next Steps:

{!First Action + Date}{!Owner 1}

{!Second Action + Date}{!Owner 2}


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